Thursday, April 25, 2019

What Does Your Favorite Flower Say About You?



Has Spring arrived where you are?
It has here in the Midwest, trees are
blooming, the grass is turning green,
flowers are popping out and as are
the allergies!
So, since all of this is going on hope-
fully where you are, I thought we would
talk flowers today.

*All of the pics in this post were taken
by me on a Garden Tour several years

Do you like flowers, which one is your
favorite, do you grow them in the ground
or in pots?

Do you know what your favorite flower
says about you? Well, let's see.

*I chose random pics from my file they
probably will not match the text.


They can have several meanings depending
on their color.
Red symbolizes LOVE. Pink symbolizes
GRACE, White symbolizes PURITY, Yellow symbolizes NEW BEGINNINGS and a
Lavender rose symbolizes LOVE at FIRST
Of course we could go on and on.
The Rose is the state flower of New York
and a darker red one is the state flower of Oklahoma.

What does a Rose say about you?
You almost always think with your heart.
You are classic, timeless and never going
out of style.

The origin of the word Daisy come from
an Old English word that means "day's
eye." They represent innocence, purity
and hope.
Gerbera Daisies which come in bright
colors signify "cheerfulness."

What does a Daisy say about you?
You can find the good in any bad situation
and you are probably a morning person



It is one of the most popular flowers and
represents friendship or regard for some-
one. They are the national flower of Wales.

What does a Daffodil say about you?
You put your family and friends first. You
enjoy a good party, you like to have parties
for others.
Your style shows your fun laid back


They signify adoration (because they turn
to face the sun), as well as dedicated love
and pure thoughts.
The Sunflower is the state flower of my
state, Kansas.
It is also the national flower of Ukraine.
They are the world's largest exporter of
Sunflower Oil.

What does a Sunflower say about you?
Making friends is your favorite activity,
you thrive around people and you love to
be the center of attention.
Your style is bright and warm and you are
never without a statement piece.

I think we will end this post now cause I
could write on this topic forever, such
interesting facts.

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. I absolutely love flowers. As a matter of fact, I once owned my own flower shop. Yep....I really did. Loved every minute of it, even though it is super time consuming. My favorite of all flowers is the sunflower! Not sure if it's the boldness in color or the size. They make my heart happy...

    1. Now I have learned something...
      I did not know that you used to have a flower shop. Cool!
      I love Sunflowers too.

      Enjoy your weekend.

      M : )

  2. Sunflowers are hands down my favorite flower!
    Seeing a sunflower makes my heart smile!

    Cute post, thanks for sharing :)


    1. Oh, I love them too!
      Such a happy flower.

      M : )

  3. Enjoyed reading your flower post, Melinda! I like sunflowers, pansies, marigolds, daisies and more. If I were buying from a shop, I would get carnations. They don't bother my allergies.

  4. Glad you enjoyed.
    Love all the flowers you listed.

    Allergies have been rough this season.

    M : )


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