Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Foods Around the World



Brazil has a rich and diverse history
where food is concerned, due to the
influences of  Asia and  Europe plus 
the Portuguese colonization.

Below is a list of "typical" Brazilian

1. Feijoada--pronounced
It is a regional dish from Rio. Starts
with a bean broth then adding is beef
or pork. It is usually served with white
rice, collard greens, orange slices and
fried bananas.

2. Bacalhao--pronounced
Bah-kah-LYAU with the last syllable
rhyming with "how."
This is served in Brazilian homes
starting with salted cod fish and baked
with olives, potatoes, onions and tom-
atoes.  It is drizzled with olive oil and
served with white rice. One of the meals 
from the Portuguese colony. Typically
served on special occasions.

3. Moqueca--pronounced
It is a fish (white fish or prawns) stew
made with coconut milk, tomatoes,
onions and coriander.
4. Vatapa'--pronounced Vah-tah-PAH.
It is a thick like stew made with bread,
shrimp, finely ground nuts, coconut
milk, palm oil and herbs. White rice
may be served along side of the stew.

5. Quindim--pronounced Keen-DEEN.
This is a typical Brazilian dessert.
It is made with egg yolks, grated
coconut, butter and sugar. This is a
very sweet dessert served as small
circular custards. It has a gel like
consistency and the deep yellow
color comes from the egg yolk.

Well, I have learned about several
foods I have never heard about. I
hope you learned something too.

Come back tomorrow to see where
we are headed.

~Keep on Dreaming~

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