Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Uses for a Deck of Cards


Regular programming commences

Decks of cards, we all have them but
have you used them this way?

1. Make coasters?
Glue card faces inside the lid of a
mason jar and cover with Mod Podge,
making them waterproof.

2. Burn calories? Yes, really :)
Use a deck of cards to mix up
your exercise routine.
Designate a workout to each suit
and determine the number of reps
based on whatever card you draw.

3. A shoe horn?
Having difficulty getting a shoe on?
Use a playing card as a shoe horn to
slip the shoe on your foot.

4. A screwdriver?
Is the screw loose on your glasses?
Use the edge of a playing card to
tighten the screw.
*My question on this--is the
card heavy enough to do this?

5. And last but not least--
We all have done this one
Got a wobbly table, well fold a
playing card in half and slip it
under the leg.

There you have it. Save your old
worn out cards for some of these
and use decks with missing cards
for other ideas.

One more thing--did you know?
A deck of cards resembles the
There are 52 cards in a deck and
weeks in a year.
There are four suits for the seasons.
Twelve court cards for the months.
*This is pretty cool!

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Interesting!!! Bill knew about the shoe horn, I've never heard that but can see how good it would work. Burn calories with them? That's not happening here. But with the glasses, hope I remember that one when I need to do it. Great tips, Melinda!
    And that's really interesting with the calendar. Will spread the word next time we play cards.
    You have the coolest posts, and I always learn something new.
    Thanks!!! Take care and have a wonderful rest of the week!

    1. Thanks for your compliments. Great boost for my blogging moral.
      Glad you enjoyed. I learned some things too.

      Enjoy the rest of your week!

      M : )

  2. Lots of interesting info here. Great uses for a deck of cards and how neat that they are so similar to the calendar. My kiddos love playing cards and I sure plan on passing these facts on to them...

  3. I really enjoyed the things about the calendar, seasons and the year too.

    I hope they enjoy these little facts.

    M : )

  4. Great ideas for using playing cards! I love the idea for changing up exercise routines!

    With Love,

  5. What a fun and informative post to read! Thanks for sharing!


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