Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Foods Around the World


The cuisine here is mixture of Arabian,
Persian, Indian and Mediterranean.

A prominent dish is Machboos--a rice
based specialty made with Basmati and
seasoned with spices then chicken or
mutton are added. No pork is used for
religious reasons.

Shawarma is served in many places.
It is a wrap of thinly sliced meat,
turshi which is pickled cucumber,
carrot or turnip and salad.
The meats are grilled separately on
tall spits. Fries, onions and tomatoes
are added to this dish. Mayo and
ketchup are added as sauces.
*Always wanted to know what this
was and now I know.

Balah El Sham is churro like Middle
Eastern fritters. They are crunchy on
the outside and soft on the inside.

Anyone been to Kuwait?

~Keep on Dreaming~

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