Friday, April 5, 2019

Foods Around the World



Today we are heading south.

Cuban cuisine is a mixture of
Spanish, African and Caribbean
cuisines. A small Chinese influence
can also be accounted for. Primarily
in Havana.

Here are some foods one might find
on a trip to Cuba:

1. Ropa Vieja--The most well know
Cuban food. It is a shredded meat
dish, traditionally made with beef
but also made with lamb. It is braised
with a tomato based sauce with onions
and peppers then served over rice.

2. Lechon Asado--Pork is a popular
meat in Cuba and it stars in this dish.
Spit roasted pig starts this dish. It is
served with a sauce called mojo that is
made with garlic, spices oil, and onion
plus a small amount of bitter orange or
lime juice.

3. As a snack---Cuban markets sell
Churros. Dough is fried crisp on the
outside and soft on the inside, then
sprinkled with sugar.

4. Tostones--These are flattened pieces
of plantain, fried till crusty outside and
soft inside.

5. Guarapo--If you get thirsty try this
local beverage. It is the sweet juice of 
freshly pressed sugar cane served over

Nest time we will check out foods from
a "D" country.

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Interesting...... it all sounds delicious...

  2. I'm catching up with your April posts. That torte from Austria sounds amazing! Cuba has some interesting food background. Who would've thought? I would love to go there, my husband could check out the cars and I could feast;)

    1. Glad to see you. It's always
      interesting to research these
      places. The challenge can be
      so hard and sometimes frustrating
      but I do learn so much.

      I have more posts for you to catch up on.


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