Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Wednesday Write Up

Wow! These weeks are going FAST!!

This Wednesday finds me playing a 
lot of "catch up" since we had the 

But I have found time to get some
Summer reading in. I think I have 
read about eight or nine books 
already with more to go.


Below is some of our holiday decor.
The first pic is form last year but
I used the same place mats that I
made last year.

Of course, this post would NOT
be complete with out our city's
parade pics!

Mr. Ken is practicing his "model's 
pose." As usual , we enjoyed our 
parade, it seemed a bit longer this 
year which was nice cause last 
year's seemed short. Who knows?

On Saturday we took a small road 
trip to Clinton, Mo to see Mr. Ken's 
brother and fiance's new to them 
house. Great time was had until 
we got close to home and had to 
drive the rest of the way home
in a raging rain storm. We were
very glad to get home that night!

On a sad note, over the weekend,
I found out that one of my co-
worker's husband passed away
suddenly--extra prayers for her 
and her family would be 
appreciated. Thank you!!

Take care, of it is HOT where you 
are, stay cool and hydrated.

Edited: have no clue why this 
posted twice???

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Love the festive placemat and all. And that old car is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks!

      The old cars that are in our parade are cool.

      Happy Weekend!

      M :)

  2. a lot of fun times right here on this post.....I love parades!!

    1. Oh, we do too!! It is one of our
      fave traditions.

      Happy weekend!!

      M : )

  3. Your parade looks like fun, and I like the dolls you show. One looks like Betsy Ross, another like Ben Franklin.

    1. Very fun!
      The dolls are left to right: Francis Scott Key, Betsy Ross, Ben Franklin and Eli Whitney. My Mom gave them to me a loooong time ago.
      so great to see you.

      Happy weekend!

      M : )

  4. I am sorry about your co-worker's husband. Your parade looked grand. I really like the placemats you created.

    1. Thank you--it has been very tough on her and her college age daughter but I think they will be fine.
      We so enjoy our parade here.
      I was love my placemats--thanks.

      Happy weekend!

      M : )

  5. I love all of the parade pictures and the decorations. I'm sorry to hear of your coworkers husband. : (

    1. Thanks!!! It was fun.

      My coworker and her college age daughter are doing pretty well, it will take time but i think they will be fine.--thanks again!

      Happy weekend!!

      M : )


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