Friday, July 8, 2016

Happy Friday!!!

The weekend has arrived!!!

Projects abound in our house and I 
have been working fast and furiously 
to get a lot of them accomplished 
before I go back to school in ONE 
MONTH and THREE days!!!

One project was to finish putting 
away my garage sale finds AND finish 
posting about them.

Above you can see a cute painted 
bucket, a Fall towel (brand new with 
tag still on it)  a small three drawer
goodie holder and The Joy of A Peanuts
Christmas--50 Years of Holiday Comics.

The bucket and three drawer holder will 
go in my sewing room. The best thing 
about all the sales that I went too was 
that everything was so reasonably 

I also picked up these--they are made 
of heavy duty cardboard--they are going 
in my closet to hold my purses. Both were 
ONLY a buck !!! Bargain, Bargain!!

Some of the other things that I didn't 
take pics of  are art goodies for school, 
a new platter that will be perfect this 
Fall, kitchen gadgets (brand new), a
cute little shelf with three cubbies, 
and two little signs "FAITH" and 

My soon to be sister-in-law had a sale 
last weekend and I came home with 
two prints for our living room --pics 
later, a microwave for my class--
another bargain, and a cargo tote for 
the back of my car, it is from "31." 
Sales are winding down here I guess, 
haven't seen any this week. but I am 
pleased with all of my goodies. 
Picked up anything good recently??

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Since you mentioned school... I noticed lots of school supplies in Walmart yesterday and I got that cringy feeling. And then, I realized that I don't have to buy school supplies ever again! : )

    Great finds!!
    I haven't been to any yard sales or thrift shops in a while. I should go out early this morning and see whats happening around the neighborhood.

    have a great weekend

    1. Weekend is over but it was a good one.
      Check out your sales, you never know...

      M : )

  2. I've never been to a yard sale or garage sale. I think I might be missing out. Enjoy your month before school starts.


    1. Thanks!
      You must check out at least one sale, they are fun!

      M : )

  3. You found some good stuff! I have 31 cargo tote for my car and I love it. It's hand for so many things, including shopping at Costco where they are stingy with boxes;)

    1. I wasn't going to get it because I thought it was too big THEN the light bulb we off and I thought to get it for my car.
      Love it.

      M : )

  4. Great finds! What type of classroom art stuff are you looking for?

    1. Oh we like paint, all kinds of things.
      Paints, paper, stickers. Most anything works.

      M : )


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