Thursday, July 28, 2016

Wednesday Write Up (a day late)

It's been busy and I am behind. What's 
new? Anyway, today we will have a 
belated version of Wednesday Write 

Starting with the pic above.
Several months age I bought the print 
in the middle, hung it on one of the walls 
in the family room and there it stayed.
I knew I wanted to do something fun with 
it but wasn't sure until I ran across the two 
clocks at a garage sale--then I knew what I 
wanted to do. Before hanging the clocks I 
set one to "local standard time" (left) and 
one to "Daylight Saving Time." (right) Now 
I really love the print.

I have been wanting to change things up 
in our  living for awhile but no inspiration 
was "ringing my bell" until now--this is the 
"before" pic and ...

this is the "after" pic. I had picked up some 
blank letters at Michael's, decided to cover 
them with paper and now they are above 
our mirror. Other changes are in the wings.

Mr. Ken took a couple of vacation day last 
week, so on Friday we did our "day tripping"
to Bonner Springs, Kansas.

First up: lunch.
We stopped at at a little and I do mean little 
diner and had the most delish lunch.
I had the fries with my burger.

Mr. Ken and the onion rings with his burger.
This place is close enough to home that we 
could hit the road and get a good breakfast sometime.
Oh yea!!!

Our trip continued to Moon Marble Company.

Got to see a marble making demo while 
there. It is hard to see but she put a 
Chinese dragon on a medium size marble--
go figure. Not in my ability to do this. 
Very fun to watch.

THEN it was time to find my marbles...
they have tons!
You can buy tubes of marbles small and 
medium--your choice of which ones you 
like. Both of us got at tube of medium size
marbles 9 total in a tube. Plus we bought
4 large ones too. They also have games 
and toys to purchase too. A great place 
for kids little and big to go on a HOT day.

Here are two of the big kids out in the 
heat!! Crazy kids!!

In the evening we drove to Weston, Mo for 
dinner at an Irish Pub. The Weston Brewing
Mr. Ken had Bangers and Mash with a roll.

And I had Beer Battered Fish and Chips with
homemade sauce. For dessert (can't find the 
pics) I had Chocolate Pecan Pie OH MY! Mr. 
Ken had homemade Apple Pie with homemade 
ice cream. I had a taste of it --yum! I'd say that 
it was a pretty good vacay day all around!

I had seen on Facebook, Wine bottle Tiki
Lights and I wanted to make some. A
friend gave me two empty wine bottles
and I covered them with twine. They will
be weighted down, filled with oil, a wick
and lighted for outdoor pleasure of an 
evening. Still have a couple of things to 
purchase, but basically I had everything 

Remember my deck "buffet"? This is 
their home when not in use. Once the 
oil is in the bottles they may "live some-
where else  for safety purposes.


Last weekend we went to an Open House
at Mr. Ken's brother and fiance's news 
house. Fun, fun but another HOT day!

Tueday I had lunch with a former co-worker
we had a nice lunch and got caught up too.

Well, I hope I haven't tired you out but
we are a busy bunch here. More to
come and guess what???
I go back to school soon!!!!

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Yes, you are a busy bunch, indeed. I like those tiki lights, I'll have to tuck that idea away for when I'm ready to gussy up my patio.

    The marble factory looks so cool!!

    1. Still need wicks but bought a basket of those decorative gems and used a lot of them to weight each bottle so hopefully they won't tip over.

      We had so much cun at the marble factory!

      M : )

  2. You guys have been busy, busy! Love the letters over the mirror and the pic and clocks ~ way to go! ~ one will always be right! All that food looks really great, esp the fish and your cheeseburger and fries! Yum! Have a great week!

    1. Sooo very busy.
      Thank for the complements!
      I do love my clocks.

      The week is going fast!

      M : )

  3. Love trying out new places to eat, food looks great. Hope you have a great week :)

    1. We do too! Especially when we are out of town.

      Enjoy the rest of your week!

      M : )


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