Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Twelfth Day of the Twelve Days of Christmas...

On this twelfth day of Christmas I didn't
have to go to work!!!! We had a SNOW DAY!
Our snow started around noon today and it's
STILL snowing as I type this. It IS beautiful
but the news people have cautioned us in
regard to very low temperatures and the
blowing snow.
As you may have guessed school is closed
tomorrow too. Yea, another day to do what
I want when I want!!! Can anyone say hello
crafts AND cookie making!!! YUM:)
I will be taking a bit of a blogging break for
a couple of days--I'll check in on you though.
Please stay warm and cozy. I'll see you soon.
~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. it's exactly the same here! have a nice break and keep warm inside! catherine

  2. It's cold here but no snow day. Have a lovely day!

  3. I love snow days! Days to relax and enjoy some crafting. Have fun!


  4. It's snowing here too, but the schools are still running! We have to get 6 or more inches for them to cancel now! Have a Fun Snow Day! Cindy

  5. Yay! A day at home is one great gift.

  6. Stay warm and have fun on your days off. Cookes dunked in hot coffee sounds so gooood!

  7. Cookies? Mmmmmm, I have hot apple cider here and a good hot fire, come on over and bring cookies.

    Stay safe and warm and enjoy your downtime. God bless!!!

  8. I am so jealous!!

    No snow in sight for us, although the temps are definitely chilly! Stay warm and cozy. :)

  9. Hi Melinda! Yesterday (Wed.) was our kids' first day back to school, and today is a snow day! The same exact thing happened last year...the second day back after Christmas was a snow day. I guess it's becoming a tradition.
    Thanks for your comments on my blog...always happy to see you :)

  10. Hi Melinda! Yep, it's FREEZING here too and we have a TON of snow! Hope you enjoyed your day of crafts and cookies!!

    :) T

  11. hi melinda,

    i love to bake on snowy days, too. people race out to the market to buy bread and milk, i race out to buy brownie ingredients and hot cocoa mix! LOL

    happy new year!


  12. Baking and crafts...what a fun way to celebrate snow days. Hope you have a wonderful time! Stay warm.

  13. Hi Melinda,
    Happy New Year to you.
    I have been catching up with you tonight and have enjoyed reading all your posts that I missed.
    You sure are having some cold weather. We are too, but not as cold as you.
    May all your dreams come true this year.
    God Bless,
    Hugs, Elizabeth

  14. Have fun in the snow and can't wait to see some of your snowy cookies and crafting adventures!! :o)

  15. Enjoy your blogging break and your snow day. Stay warm!

  16. Hi Melinda, I have seen all the snow on the international news. Amazing stuff. Hope you had a great New Year and look forward to reading your blog in 2010.


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