Monday, January 18, 2010

Helpful Handies

Today's post is featuring items that I find helpful. I hope you find them helpful too. One of the items I made all by myself! This little tray used to sit on my dresser and it held my pins for scarves or lapels. But no more it has a new job in my bathroom.
This is what is on my dresser now. In the midst of dusting
I decided to make this little cutie. Yes, I said I made it! :)
This is a bit farther back so you could see the whole
thing. I'm very pleased in the outcome of this little
cutie. I'll tell you how I made it at the end of this
See these little plastic hangers? They usually come with
long scarves. I don't throw them away and the next
picture shows you why.
This is the back of our bedroom door. Instead of trying
to fold and find space for these scarves, I keep them
on the hanger. Since some are divided in half I can
put two together. Usually like colors. Very helpful
See this little notebook? It might look like a regular ol'
notebook to you BUT to me it is another hand. I keep
it close by my laptop and when I'm blog reading, I
am able to jot ideas down right then and I don't
have to go back to look for a particular blog. How's
that for an idea? :)
Teacup Tutorial---
1 teacup and saucer of your choice
1 vase
E6000 glue
Run the glue tip around the top of the vase, turn the
saucer over and place the top of the vase in the
middle of the saucer back.
Carefully turn the vase over so the saucer is face up
and the vase is standing on your table.
Run glue around the bottom of the cup and
place in the middle of the saucer plate.You should end
up with the cup glued to the saucer and the saucer glued
to the vase. Let stand so the glue can dry and then use as
you would like.
I used a teacup and saucer that I had and a vase that I had
picked up when thrifting awhile ago. Basically a no cost
project. Now your talking HELPFUL! :)
~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Thanks for all of your sharing and the tutorial!

    Great ideas!

  2. Thanks for sharing your organization tips! It's so much fun to make something all by yourself! Very cute!

  3. Hey, Melinda..just came across your blog from Cobblestone Farms. I love your idea of the notebook next to your computer. I jot things down on pieces of paper and then can't find them. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Who know what kind of mischief you were going to get into when you bought your tube of E6000!
    Glad you have a fun time crafting this weekend. It sure was nice having an extra day off!


  5. How very clever you are. I love your little teacup idea! Sweet!

    Thanks for sharing and have a super day!!!

  6. hi Melinda! i've got my notebook too! it's nearly full.Now i need an index notebook.Take care catherine

  7. Hi Melinda. Thank you for visiting Spoonful! The teacup idea is great!!!! Think I need a handy dandy little notebook too!


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