Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Bubble Wrap turns 50 this month!
My favorite thing to do with bubble wrap
is to pop it! I love it when it comes with
something I ordered. I find it relaxing
and fun to pop, pop, pop.
There are many websites on bubble
wrap and some have virtual bubble
wrap to pop. Which is fun too.
Next time you need to relax pick
some up and pop away!
I've also used it for art projects at
****Paint the wrap and place on a sheet
of paper. Turn it into wrapping paper
for Valentine's Day gifts.
What do you use this fun stuff for?
~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Stress relief! And packing, on occasion.. LOL! -Tammy

  2. I like to pop it too! It is fun. I think there is even an app for your iphone to do it too.

  3. I can attest to the "thrill" you get popping it and have watched your mischevious grin as you have unwrapped a gift wrapped in it!


  4. Did you know we had National Bubble Wrap Day a couple days ago. I always keep the grandkiddos informed on such matters. We all had a poppin' good time. Woohoo! Sorry ya missed it!

    Have a marvelous day!

  5. POP it for sure! What a blast to have a special day for it.

    I'm having a book giveaway on my blog today and a guest writer on journaling. Hope to see you there!

  6. When I was growing up, my Mom and I use to fight over bubble wrap just to be able to pop them! Love it! :)


  7. What fun learning trivia from you. This blog continues to provide me with smiles. Bubble wrap...lots of memories go with that product. Who would have known it has been around 50 years. Thanks for another smile today.

  8. I like popping bubble wrap too. There is just something so relaxing about it!


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