Tuesday, January 12, 2010

After a Break

It's BACK!!!! Tuesday Trivia!!!
January---named after Janus--God of the door-
way. January is the door to the new year.
This is the first year in the Julian and Greg-
orian calendar.
One of the seven months with 31 days.
It is the coldest month in the Northern
The birthstone--Garnet. It comes from
the Latin word "granatus," meaning
"grain" or "seed." It also could resemble
the seeds of a pomegranate.
Flower--Carnation. Can mean love,
fascination and distinction.
Zodiac sign--Capricorn. Stable, trust-
worthy, persistent, ambitious and patient.
January is National Hobby and Soup Month.
Holidays this month:
1st--New Year's Day
18th--Dr. Martin Luther King's
birthday celebrated (this year).
Fun days:
Festival of Sleep Day
Peculiar People Day
National Dress up your
Pet Day
Winnie the Pooh Day
National Popcorn Day
National Hugging Day
January Birthdays:
1-Betsy Ross
2-Boo Boo Bear (Yogi's friend)
Taye Diggs
3-Eli Manning
4-Dyan Cannon
5-Diane Keeton
6-Joan of Arc
7-Katie Couric
8-Elvis Presley
9-Dave Matthews
10-Rod Stewart
11-Naomi Judd
12-Kirstie Alley
13-Rubbie Duckie (Ernie's friend)
15-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
17-Shari Lewis
18-A. A. Milne
19-Paula Deen
20-Bill Maher
21-Placido Domingo
22-Guy Fier
23-Princess Caroline of Monaco
24-Neil Diamond
25-Alicia Keys
26-Wayne Gretzky
28-Sarah McLachlan
29-Tom Selleck
30-Phil Collins
31-Nolan Ryan
Were you born in January??
~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. We don't have " sleep day " in France , i wish we had! catherine

  2. Sleep day? Sleep day? I think we need to start a petition!

  3. Hi Melinda, Yes, take me off and then put me back on and then it should be fixed so you can follow me again.
    And be sure to let me know when this Festival of Sleep day is... so I can stay in my bed instead of working! LOL!

  4. I am October but I love the "Doorway to a New Year" thing. Great stuff!

  5. Festival of sleep day sounds like a good one for me and bears too:) My daughter was born in January on a one of the coldest days ever and in a blizzard too so I definitely know it is the coldest month. Actually it is so cold here in Atlanta this past week I can't believe I am actually living in the south! Stay warm.

  6. Hi Melinda,
    I am so glad that you stopped by my blog today. I have enjoyed my visit to your blog as well. What a fun trivia list. National hobby and soup month!!! two of my favorite things :) ---although I am not sure my beagle and golden will be happy to learn that it is also National dress up your pet month :) I tried the whole reindeer antler thing at Christmas and it was not such a big hit (heheh) Thanks again for stopping by

  7. Your trivia posts are always so much fun to read. Sounds like the Festival of Sleep Day is the all time favorite.

  8. Boo~Boo Bear, I love it! I have missed your fantastic trivia days what fun they always are.

    Nope, not born in January but my daddy was. 1929 was the year for him.

    Have a fabulously fun day.
    God bless :o)


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