Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Snipet

We are back to having a cold spell this week, which
as you know stirs my "comfort food" juices. Soooo
when planning our dinner menu for the week I
chose some of my favs for us to enjoy.
Garlic Toast
Monday--Tuna Casserole w/ peas
Italian Sausage--Mr. Ken
(No chicken for him!!!)
Roasted Potatoes
Wednesday--Tator Tot Casserole
Green Beans
Sliced Fruit
Thursday--Swiss Steak
Mashed Potatoes
Friday--My time away from the kitchen!!
****Menu subject to change if needed.
Enjoy your favs this week with those you love!
~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Oh no! How cold is it supposed to get?
    Tuna casserole is one of my favorite comfort foods too. And one of the first foods I learned to make as a teenager.
    The Amish Country Store was on I-35, just a couple of miles from the Iowa-Missouri state line.

  2. I haven't had Swiss Steak in eons. Might have to get the recipe from your on Superbowl Sunday! Can't believe we are getting another cold spell! The only thing that lightens my spirits is knowing CASTLE is on tonight...that makes it all better! :)


  3. It's gonna get downright 'nasty' around here from Wed.~Fri. I'm makin' BBQ meatballs tonight served with macaroni and cheese and a spinach salad. I'm lovin' your comfort food menu.

    Have a super Monday lovely lady!!!

  4. I don't know the dishes, but it sounds good! we will have cold this week; catherine

  5. Tuna casserole is one of my favorite things. I may need to make it soon. I've started weekly menus again. It works so well when I actually sit down and plan! Go figure.

  6. I think I will come to your house to eat this week ;) I love Fern Michaels! Have a great week.

  7. Sounds yummy! I think I might drop dinnertime! :)


  8. I have a menu for the week too. Friday is always me day off too. We often have pizza. Somehow the children talked me into making homemade pizza. (How is this my night off?) I do love homemade dishes too.

    Have a great one!

  9. Sounds like some yummy and cozy food is gonna be flying out of your kitchen. Wish it could fly here to AZ! It all sounds delicious!

  10. sounds like a yummy menu! we are suppose to get some bad weather thursday i need to visit the store now

  11. Oh I know, it's gotten all cold and nasty here again too - yuck! We ordered a deep dish pizza for dinner a few minutes ago and that's just the kind of comfort food I need right now...all of this dreary weather has me too tired to cook today!

    :) T

  12. You are organised! I think my menu planning needs work, but I like your Friday one best!

  13. Now I'm hungry! I'm thinking about tater-tots! Yum..


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