Monday, April 11, 2016


I is for Integration.

Webster's definition is:

Incorperation as equals into society

or an organization of individuals of
different groups.

In the school setting, integration


The act or process of uniting different 


In the past this was called 

ie: spending time with peers in their 
grade level.

For example: I have a Kindergartner 

that I get off the bus, he goes through 
his arrival routine and then we have 
a work session, shortly after that he 
goes to his general ed Kindergarten 
class where with support as needed 
he stays and follows the same routine 
as the class does. He then comes back 
to us and follows our routine until he 
goes to "specials" ie: PE, ART, Music 
or Library with his Kindergarten 
friends. He also has support in these 
classes also.
For the most part all he needs is re-
direction when he "gets off track."
Some of our other students just go to 
specials, one goes to specific classes 
within her grade level.

As with most everything where our 

students are concerned integration 
is geared toward each child's

This process is two fold:

1. It helps our student's work toward 

being in a general ed class .
2. It gives their peers a chance to get 
to know a peer that functions 
differently  than they do.

I think it also helps their peers realize 

that they are ok to be around even if 
they look, act or behave differently 
than they do.

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Integration can be a smashing success if all parties are willing to learn and expand their minds.

  2. Well said..I totally agree with you.


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