Wednesday, April 6, 2016

D and E

D is for Down Syndrome,

This is a genetic condition caused by 
the presence of an extra 21st chromo-
some and is the most common chromo-
somal condition.

In our program we have six students 
who have Down Syndrome.
More boys are born with Down Syndrome 
than girls but we have more girls with this
than boys in our classrooms.

Some of the characteristics of Down 
Syndrome are:

Upward slanted eyes
Large protruding tongue
Sight and hearing issues
Single skin crease in the
palm of the hand
Issues with their weight

As with our others kids we work with them
toward their 
goals  by providing Speech, Occupational 
and Physical Therapies, interaction with 
their peers and academic work times.


E is for Educational Experiments

Fun for kids of ALL ages.

Our first one here is GAK

8 oz. bottle of glue
Warm water
Food coloring

Empty the glue into a bowl, mix with one 
bottle of warm water.
Add two drops of food coloring
1/2 cup more of warm water mixed with 1 
tsp of Borax--mix well.
Slowly add a little of the Borax mixture to 
the glue mixture, keep adding the Borax to 
the glue until you get a "slime" consistency.
When finished with the GAK, put in a baggie 
and store for another day.


See what happens when you take a 2 ltr
bottle of  Diet Coke and add Mentos to 
the bottle..
Open the pop bottle, roll seven candies
into a paper tube the size of the bottle 
opening,place finger over one end of the
tube and position over the bottle, remove 
finger--this should allow the candies to
fall into the bottle. As the last one falls in
YOU NEED TO RUN but look back
as you are moving to see what happens.

One more thing that is EXTRAORDINARY
(at least to me)

This is my 1000th post!!!!!

That is a lot of chatting and talking for sure.

I will do another post on this exciting event 
after this Challenge is finished.

Thanks for hanging in there with me for this

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. I did not know about the Mentos... yow! 1000 posts... well done, Melinda!

    1. Thanks on both.
      And thanks for commenting, tough getting those the days.

      M :)


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