Friday, March 18, 2016

Spring Break This and That

So, while I have been on Spring Break
I got a bit crafty.

I wanted some St. Patty's plates but 
could not find any so I made my own 
from plates from the Dollar Tree.

I just used a Sharpie to write each 
saying on the plate. I added gold 
dots in the shamrock for some 

For this plate, I found an Irish saying.
I was very pleased with these.

Found this cute garland at JoAnn's. 
Thought I could just hang it up but 
noooo, I had to string the darn 
thing first. Pretty cute huh?

So, if you remember my yarn heart 
from Valentine's, this will look 
I cut out my version of an egg (it 
got squished) bought some 
variegated yarn in spring colors 
and started wrapping it around 
my cutout.
I added some eggs for bling and a 
ribbon then hung it on the front 
door. Cutting out eggs from card-
board is not easy.


Here is the Misc. I am so happy 
with it.
For those who did not see this on
Facebook, one of the gals that
I work with is beginning to down
size her home and she was giving
away several pieces of furniture.
Yes, I said giving away.
I am the happy recipient of this
little beauty.

Above is a daytime shot. On top I
have a poured sand sculpture from
Arizona and a statue from New Mexico.
The other item is a flower ball that my
Mom gave me years ago.I am not really
sure what it is made from though.

This is a nighttime shot, love the light 
on the inside.
On the top shelf I have two tea sets
from my Mom and one from a friend
plus a teacup. I collected them along 
time ago but have since stopped.
The second shelf has two figurines 
from when Mr. Ken and I got married, 
a quartz rock from a vacation and my 
"Welcome" house blocks.
The "floor" of the cabinet holds a
of  Mr. Ken's parents, one of us 

and one of my Mom.
So happy to have this fun addition to our
living room and to think I got it for FREE!!

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Enjoyed your craft ideas. They look so cute. Your misc. is great and it looks so pretty with the light. I have a tea set that was my grandmother's and I enjoy looking at it, too.

  2. Such a sweet Blessing to be the recipient of a nice piece of furniture.... looks beautiful.... Hope you enjoyed your Spring Break and it looks like you did....

    1. Thank you to both and yes my break was good but too short.

      M :)

  3. Love your garland over your mirror, your plates and that lighted curio table is so nice!! We are going to my sisters this year for Easter
    dinner and we all bring a dish. Have a Very Happy Easter!
    Joy @ Books and Life

    1. Thank you!
      Our Easter is up in the air right now...I think it might just be Mr. Ken and I which will be fine.
      Enjoy your Easter and family.

      M : )


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