Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thinking Outloud

Good Afternoon!

Lots of thinking has been happening 

here and I wished it was as serene as 
the picture above!

Maybe you wise folks in blogland can 

help a friend with her thoughts.

1. Do I change jobs after 15 years?

An opportunity has been placed in 
my hands, something I have wanted 
for a long time-but there is a big ? I 
won't go into it...but I will say the 
big ? goes along with the offer. Last 
year was HORRIBLE and I feel that 
this opportunity has come at a great 
BUT... what to do? Sorry to be so 

2. Mr. Ken has had a HUGE Gout 

flare-up with several visits to the Dr. 
Lots of projects are on hold now until 
we can get Mr. back to being 100 % and
that is so frustrating for both of us.
This particular bout has been harder to 
get rid of and my husband is NOT at all 
patient when he doesn't feel good. He 
IS getting there but it is a very slow 

3. What is up in Blogland?

Is blogging going bye bye?
Is it because it is Summer?
Is it because of  Facebook
or Pinterest?

I have seen readership go down and 

comments too.  I have looked at some 
of the more "popular" blogs too and 
they don't have the comments they 
used to. Maybe people are just
popping in and out instead of leaving

I love to see comments, I enjoy connecting

with everyone that way. Oh well...Thanks
for listening!!

That's what's in my head this week. It's 

kinda like that new Pixar movie coming 
out with all the characters in your head. 

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. So sorry about Mr. Ken. Hope he gets better soon. Change jobs? Yes. Is blogging dying? No, but social media is expanding. There are more ways to connect than there were a few years ago.

    1. Mr. is getting there slowly, thanks!
      Still working on this job thing but
      thanks for your thoughts.
      I so agree that there is so more to the
      social media world.

      M : )

  2. What a tough decision you have! It would be easier if you loved your present job and it sounds like you might not?? Hope your Mr. Ken starts to mend soon. I think blogging is alive and well. I'm guilty of checking in and leaving without commenting. I plan to do better.


    1. Last year I did not love my job for sure!
      Usually I am of the belief that if you don't like something, try to change it but.... this is a hard one!
      Mr. K is getting there slowly, thanks!
      I wasn't trying to out anyone on the comment thing, just trying to figure out what might be changing in the good ol' world of blogging.😊

      M : )

  3. It depends on what the big ? is! Hard decision! But change is always good and your learning curve goes way up when you change positions. Looking back, I had some great jobs and some horrible jobs but I never regretted the people I met or the new skills I acquired!

    Hope Mr. Ken recovers soon:)

    For me, it is hard to get everything done right now with the beginning of summer and blog, too! I plan to do better also!

    1. Again, sorry about the vagueness of the ? It is hard definitely.
      Mr. Ken is on the mend just a bit slow.
      I know exactly what you are talking about on getting stuff done. I am more behind than ever.
      Take care.

      M : )

  4. Good question about blogging. I just came off of a two-month break because life got so busy. But I have missed my blog and I miss checking in with everyone. I have a facebook account and I love Pinterest. But there is something about blogging that is more personal and I love the connections.

    Such a hard decision with your job. I agree with Lottie that change can be good, sometimes you just have to jump in after weighing all the options.

    I hope Mr. K is feeling better soon.

    Happy summer, Melinda!

    1. I am sure you spent a lot of time with your precious Grandaughter! What fun. Breaks are good.
      I agree about the connections---it's like having a bunch of friends all over the place.
      Jumping is is fine, I don't want to regret the change though.

      Mr. Ken is slowly getting there, thanks!

      Happy summer to you too!!

      M : )

  5. I say go for it! If you've wanted it for a long time and the ? isn't so bad. The question is, do you want to still be where you are a year from now, and wondering what might have been if you had taken a chance and moved on. Change is a good thing!
    I just took a little vacation from blogging and re-charged, but it still seems alive and well along with all the other social media sites.
    Good luck to you and Mr. Ken too!

    1. Thanks for your great advice!
      Lot's to think about.

      Hopefully we can get Mr. Ken 100% soon!

      M :)

  6. Weigh out the pros and cons, and see which column looks better, then go with that.
    As for Ken's gout.... have him take concentrated cheery juice. It works!! You can buy it on Amazon, and I know gout sufferers that swear by it.

    Blogging.... well, there are times that it seems like it can eat up a big amount of time, and with summer here I think everyone is busy enjoying good weather.
    I don't mind if people just come by to read my blog, and if they don't have time to leave a comment, I understand. I still enjoy blogging and love 'journaling' what's going on around here .

    Hope that you have a great week.


    1. I have made a "Pros and Cons" list and
      it is helpful but... there is so much to think about
      with this new opportunity.

      We have seen the Cherry Juice, I had forgot
      about it.

      I just keep plugging away because I like you enjoy the "journaling" aspect of it.

      Thanks !

      M :)


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