Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Oklahoma Fun---Part1

Welcome to Touring Tuesday and 

Oklahoma in a Severe Thunderstorm. 
Back in May we went to see my sister-
in-law and her family for a mini family 
reunion, we had traveling companions 
for this trip--- Ken's brother Gregg and 
his girlfriend Julie. 
Now this "thunderstorm" weather was 
with us most of the weekend. LOTS and 
LOTS storms, rain , wind, flooding etc. 
Not the weekend to be visiting let me 
just say. Thought we might have build 
an ark to get home!

Our refuge from the storm (once we 

found it in the driving rain). Welcome 
to Country Inn and Suites. Home away 
from home. After settling in, we went 
back out into the driving rain for dinner 
with the rest of the group. I know--not 
real bright but we were there to see
our family and we were hungry!

It was decided that since the rain was 

going to dampen outside activities that 
indoor ones would have to work so on 
Saturday we met and headed over to the 
National Cowboy and Western Museum
It is located on Persimmon Hill in north
east Oklahoma City. Sounds stuffy right? 
I was surprised and pleased! There is a 
lot more to it than it sounds. For instance:
As you walk in the door this magnificent
sculpture greets visitors. This 18 ft tall, 
four ton beauty is called "End of the 

Right outside the window is a beautiful 

gazing pond.

One of the many statues in the gallery. As
can see this one is John Wayne.

No we did not leave and go to Washington 

D.C. this sculpture is by James Earle Fraser's
depiction of Lincoln quietly meditating during 
the Civil War.

In the Special Events Center, visitors will 

see five truly amazing 18 x 46 feet Triptych 
Panoramic Murals.
Painted by Wilson Hurley (1924-2008) 
Windows of the West depict five American 
Landscapes at sunset.

California Suite

Arizona Suite

New Mexico Suite

Utah Suite

Wyoming Suite

Across the hall from the Special Events 

Center was a sculpture of Charlton Heston.
See the tag below.

Sorry to say--I am not familiar with this


Now I do know this suit and who wore it.

As you see from the tag below--this is 
Brett Maverick's suit from the T.V. series:
"Brett Maverick." (Reruns of course)

So fun to see the actual costume!

We sill stop the tour here and see 

more of the museum next Tuesday.

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. The murals were fantastic! Thank you for sharing! Love cowboys!!!

    1. Aren't they awesome!
      Glad you enjoyed.

      M : )

  2. What a fun trip. Looks like a nice museum also.


    1. Despite the weather, we had a blast!
      There is more to see, check back next

      M : )


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