Friday, June 26, 2015

Fragment Friday

Hello friends!

We have made it to Friday!

Book Challenge Update:

As of today, I have read 15

of the 50 books that I have
challenged myself to read 
and then Mr. Ken put his 
two cents in on. Number 
16 coming right up!!!

Job Update:

It is with great sadness

that I have declined to 
take the job. The cost of 
insurance was too much,
which we knew it would 
be. We had come up with
a solution but it hindered 
on asking for more money, 
which they said no to.
So ... here we are.

Thanks for listening and 

your help, it was truly 

Have a super weekend!!!!

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Yea for you in the book reading! This is great! God closed this door because HE has something better planned for you! Hugs

    1. Thanks!
      I needed to hear that.
      Because I thought this was
      my next path, but I guess not.

      M : )

  2. Prayers for Mr. Ken's gout and the next bend in the path for you. I think blogging is lagging and all the different kinds of social media has a lot to do with it. But even after my recent dips I'm keeping my blog and hope to do more visiting than ever. After I thought about stopping I realized I wanted to keep blogging. Yay for your reading! I'm reading away, too, though I've only finished three books. Where can I find your list?

  3. Thank you!
    I agree with you about the
    variety of social media out there.

    I will keep plugging along because enjoy it too!
    I will send you a list of books I read.

    Enjoy your day.

    M :)

  4. Good luck, Melinda! Sounds like you made the right decision, since insurance is a major factor with a job.

    1. Thanks!
      It was a tough decision for sure.

      M : )

  5. Oh Melinda! Hope everything works out for the best in the long run. Hope you have a great year ahead!

    1. There is a reason for this I am sure.


      M : )


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