Thursday, December 11, 2014

Anniversary Fun---Part 1


A week ago we celbrated our 15th
Anniversary as you know, both of
took the day off to go and have fun.

Our first stop took us here to
Farrand Farms in Kansas City,
MO. They are a well established
nursery, owned and operated by
the same family that started the
business back in 1922.


During the Christmas season
their focus shifts from flowers
and gardening to live (Christmas)
trees. wreaths, evergreen cuttings
been selling the Poinsettias since
the 1950's.
Families are known to gather here
for family photos and the staff are
very helpful with the picture taking.
See our picture on my Dec. 4th post.


They have three very long
greenhouses full of these
beautiful plants. Around
13,000 to be exact! Most
are sold to businesses,
churches and the public.


Big ones, small ones,
red ones, white ones,
pink ones, tall ones
and short ones.


These two lovelies were
hanging plants!


Aren't they pretty?


More and more!


Well, look who I found in the


This was one of my faves. So
pretty in pink.


Very festive!


Look who else I found in the
greenhouse! I stopped to chat
with him regarding my Christ-
mas list.


This was another beauty.

And...guess who took one home!
Just like the one above.

Tomorrow will be part two of
our day, I promise.

~Keep on Dreaming~


Thanks! Hope you enjoyed today's post. Come back soon.

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