Friday, December 12, 2014

Anniversary fun---Part 2

We begin part 2 at Union Station
our beautiful train station here
in Kansas City.


As you can see by these banners
that this beautiful historic building
turned 100 this year!


The station is still a working train
station with Amtrak running routes
from here. Back in it's heyday the station
was THE place to be!
Today, the station has fine and casual
dining, several shoppes, Science City--
wonderful place for kids, a miniature
train exhibit, and many seasonal pro-
grams and activities.


The downtown post office moved
from across the street to the
station two or three years ago, this
display was outside of the "new"
post office.


We made a new friend while there. :)


According ot the holiday brochure,
this is the largest indoor tree. It sure
was beautiful!


Other trees throughout the station.
So pretty.


Beautiful decorations hightlighting
the large windows and stunning
architecture of the station.


Entrance to Science City.


Loved the snowflakes that were
projected on the walls!!


You must check in with the station
master before boarding the train.


Train rides for the kids. When Mr.
Ken was small he actually rode this
very train when it was in a downtown
department store. The store is long
closed and the train has been refurb-
ished but still brings back fun memories
for him when he sees it.


Some of the things the kids see as
they ride the train round and round.
As you see the big train in the back-
ground actually spouts steam!


The whole back wall was where the
miniture city was set up. If my picure
could extend to the left as you look at
the picture you would see a lovely set


A miniture replica of the station made
from graham crackers! It was so neat.


A little peek into the town. See the blue
tree up by the red and white tent (right)
it really blinked on and off!


These skaters actually were skating!


The GRAND HALL complete with
TH CLOCK. This was the place to
meet at the station after getting
off the train.


Kansas Citians are very proud of this
clock just because of the meaning be-
hind it and all of the years it has hung
there. I believe was also refurbished
when they brought the staion back to
life many, many years ago.


There are those crazy kids again!


We toasted our anniversary here with
delicious steak dinners and pecan
torte for dessert! OH yea--it was
yummy. On to 15 more!!!!
If you missed part 1, see yesterday's

Project update---Four more cards are on
the way to Colorado, New York, Utah and
Indiana. Christmas cards are going out
very soon!!

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. I think you two have anniversary celebrating down to a delightful science. Is there more?


  2. We do it up good!
    I think this anniversary is covered
    but stay tuned for more fun!

    M : )

  3. So much to exciting! Happy for both of you and happy that you shared....

  4. Thanks for sharing your special day with us. Loved the decorations.

    1. Glad you enjoyed sharing our special
      day. The decorations ARE really pretty.

      M : )

  5. Love the way you guys celebrate your anniversary, Melinda! The clock is cool and I can imagine how it would be THE place to meet. Your new friend is a very handsome dude! Happy Anniversary and to another 15 tripled!

    1. We do enjoy our celebrations.
      Our friend IS a happening dude
      all right!
      Thanks for the wishes!

      M : )


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