Sunday, November 30, 2014

Project Update



I hope everyone had a great
holiday weekend!

I have been planning this post
for a bit but haven't gotten to it
till now.

Back in October I picked this cutie
up at a garage sale for 5 bucks, yes
5 bucks! I was told that a neighbor
lady made it. Cool.


This is where it lives --in our
dining room.That is a "boom-
box" all right but it is  THE best
machine I have ever had.
Anyway, the Christmas music
will be heard loud and clear. I
made a tassle for the drawer
handle too. Love this table-it is
the perfect size cause the player
used to sit on the floor!


I picked this tray up at an estate
sale. It was damaged and really
not usuable for serving purposes
sooo I bought some chalkboard
paint and painted it...


Got the paint at Wal-Mart.
Took about 6-7 coats to
cover the area and any
boo boos.


After much looking for a holder,
we got it hung up in the living
room!  (Above with flash.)


This one is without flash. Our
walls are really not THAT color.
Very excited to have it hanging up!

The "Hello from Me to You" project
is clicking right along. I recieved a
very cute homemade card from Kerin
at Mill Valley Meadow. More will be
going out this week from me. Some to
the East Coast and the Midwest.

See you in December!

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Cute project! Never can have too many chalkboards**smile**.
    Glad you have a nice home for your 'boom box' too :)

    Kerin@Mill Hill Meadow

  2. Love the table, and is Kerin from Always Fixin now at Mill Hill Meadow???

    1. Thanks and yes that is the same Kerin.

      M : )

  3. What a wonderful eye you have for the re-purposed items girlfriend. Everything is beautiful!

    Ahummmm....(in is my best Gomer Pyle voice) SURPRISE, SURPRISE...SURPRISE!!! I enjoyed the most wonderful surprise in my mailbox the other day. Thank you precious friend, I think of you and that Mr. Ken often.

    Mom passed this spring after an unbelievable year of illnesses. The end was more than bad, we had a Dr. that did everything he could not to honor the family's or Mom's wishes. 'Really took a toll on me.

    Little MIL is in a Nursing Facility locally and Altzheimers takes hold more every day. Soooo hard.

    Take care dear friend of my...someday I WILL resurface. God bless :o)

    1. Thank you!
      Talk about SURPRISE, I was so excited to see
      your picture.
      Glad you like the card.
      So sorry to hear about your Mom. I know that you must miss her. We will keep your family in our prayers, especially your Mother-in-law.

      Take care my friend. Looking forward to your

      M :)

  4. Neat finds Melinda...what a great way to give life back to a tray that has been damaged... It makes for a great chalk board!

  5. Cute table Melinda and I like your little chalkboard! I hope you're having a good week!


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