Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Fall Outing

Good Morning--I hope everyone is
staying nice and warm.
Today we have the last Fall outing
installment of "catching up."


On a cool Fall Saturday...


this fantastic foursome loaded in the
car and headed out to an apple orchard.
We stopped at one but it seemed to us
to be closed so we went to a different


A cool windmill at the entrance.


The boys rode the bus


and the girls posed with the apples and


Pumpkins galore for sale.


BUT...this is what we came for!
The variety we got to pick was
Empire. Had not heard of this
variety before but they sure
were tasty. Makes great apple-


Oh, they never stop being boys.
Dan and Mr. Ken ready to
pick some apples.


Would you look at that! Using this "tool"
was a lot harder than it looks!


These three look like they are up to
no good. But at least apples were


Ta-Da! We did itm there was enough in our
basket to split evenly between us.


Future farmers of America?
NOT!! :)


A short rest in the gazebo for
Ms. Nancy and Ms. Melinda.


We made some new friends while
walking around. His other companions
were elewhere on the grounds.


Inside the barn,


More new friends.


Last stop...The bakery.
Oh boy--do they have the
yummies here!

We had a great adventure at the orchard,
It had been a very long time since I had
picked apples, Mr.Ken had never picked
them before and our buds had some

So that is it, I think I am caught up with
our Fall fun outing and adventures.

Come back on Monday because I am
introducing something fun for the holiday
season and I hope you will join the fun!!!

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Just the kind of outings that make FALL wonderful. I've never picked apples, but it does look like it could be a lot of fun! Glad you all had a great time...

    1. Well, next year you need to put it on the "Fall
      To Do List." Take the whole family!
      It is fun.

      M : )

  2. Sounds and looks like a perfect fall day! It's freezing here in N.C. today. I think fall is over for us.

    1. Yes, it was a bit warmer on this day
      than it has been this weekend or Monday and Tuesday of the upcoming week!

      M : )

  3. Fun, fun! What a great day. Way too cold and snowy here for that.

  4. I bet.
    It is good to see you, hope all is

    M : )

  5. What a fun time. I bought apples over the weekend. It's definitely time for homemade applesauce.

    1. Yep, that is what I did with ours.
      There are more in the fridge waiting
      to be fixed up.

      M : )

  6. Love that barn! It looks like a fun place to visit.
    Glad you are enjoying this harvest season.

    Smiles :)

  7. It was so much fun! The
    apples were yummy too.

    M : )

  8. That looks like a blast. I never knew how they picked apples - I pictured having to climb up a big ladder :) Glad you had fun even though you won't be farmers any time soon.


Thanks! Hope you enjoyed today's post. Come back soon.

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