Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Food For Thought


Today we are going back in time
for a little food trivia. So settle in
and buckle up.

The 60's

Andy Warhol exhibits his  famous
Campbell's Soup Can painting.

Julia Child's "The French Chef"
TV show debuts.

Pop top aluminum cans open
a new way to enjoy soda with-
out a bottle opener--Coke being
the first to introduce this concept. 

New products hit store shelves:
Cool Whip and Tang appear.

Pringles appear in stores. Don't
recall these until I was much older.

Toasters become the most popular
kitchen appliance.

Fondue loved it then and love it now!

Other interesting arrivals in the 60's:

Ambrosia Salad
Vodka Martinis
Deviled Eggs
Seven Layer Dip
Moon Pies
Cuban Sandwich
Berry Granola

The 70's

Bell bottoms and the "Me
Vietnam War ended in 1975.

Crock-Pots made a lot of meals
in this decade for many families.

1972 introduces One Pot Italian

The "Brunch Culture" puts
Quiche at top of the menu.

Ben and Jerry's opens in 1978
with gourmet ice cream.

Holiday Blue Cheese Logs make
an appearnce at dinner parties
and buffets.

The 80's

Boomboxes hit the music scene,
just in time for artists like Michael
Jackson and Madonna.

Cabbage Patch Kids hit the stores
along with Rubik's Cubes.

It's all about Health Food--including
bagged salads and microwavable
alternatives such as Lean Cuisine.

The Stock Market Crash of 1987
leads families back home for
dinner and the casserole dish
appears with dinner in it. Top
picks were Mac and Cheese
and Hash Brown Casseroles.

Other things from the 80's:

The Tex-Mex movement.
BBQ Chicken Pizza
Tuna Noodle Casserole

The 90's

More interest in healthy eating
continues with "fat-free", "low-
salt" foods. Also, "sugar-free"
"lite", "baked."

Jam Thumb print cookies came
from Martha Stewart 's thoughts
on "nesting." A time to enjoy
family and friends.

New to the 90's

Grilled Fish Tacos
Frozen Pizza gets a
makeover with self-
rising crusts
New York Cheesecake
Peanut Butter Crunch
Cereal Bars
Forrest Gump---"Life is
like a box of chocolates."

The 00's

Food Network debuts
Rachael Ray and other
celebrity chefs

Pinterest--nuff said :)

Artisan Breads
Fancy Cupcakes

Old terms and new ones:

Vegan, gluten-free and
locally sourced foods
become popular.

Bacon Flavored ANYTHING!

Lettuce Wrapped this and that



A lot has changed over the years,
we have gone from dinner and
cocktail parties to backyard BBQ's.
Less formality to more a more casual
way of living.  And... I have been
around for most of it. Oh WOW!

What do you remember from the
past decades?

Happy Veteran's Day to all who
haved served and those that are
serving. Thank you for all you do
to make our country safe!

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. I remember being in elementary school in the mid 70s.. wearing halter dresses and having my socks pulled up to my knees and folded over a rubber band. My mom would smoke cigarettes as she shopped for groceries in the pantry pride.
    The 80's.. I thought I was madonna! : ) the worst day would be when my can of aqua net hair spray was empty! : )
    The 90's... yikes, They flew bye.

    1. Times have changed, you would not see smoking in grocery stores today. I remember that too.
      Aqua Net-too funny.
      The 90's what can we say?

      M : )

  2. fish tacos... UGH. I remember someone ordering them when a group of us had gone to dinner... UGH :-)

  3. My favorite? the moon pie era!! You always provide us with lots of interesting facts... thumbs up from me!!

    1. Never did get the Moon Pie thing.
      I'm so glad you enjoyed this post!

      M : )

  4. Fun post!
    Gosh, I guess I liked so many different things about each decade. I still am, however, stuck in days of old, with my kitchen practices. I still love crock pots, and casseroles... **heehee**.


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