Monday, August 4, 2014

Week of Fun---Part 2

We continue our journey 
"on the road to Oz."
Wamego, Kansas--
Population just under

Our driver to OZ--Mr. Ken.

The navigator--Ms. M.

First stop--lunch. We had a
delicious "Fresh-Mex lunch."
All items are made to order
with fresh ingredients. Most
of the entrees have Oz related
names. Both of us had giant
crispy tacos served in an
indoor, patio-style room.
A lot of fun, Oz with a twist.

Here are the restaurant windows.
Inside guests will find Oz murals
and collectables.

Toto is hidden in various spots
within the restaurant too.

Off to see the Wizard. Our
next stop was the OZ
Museum. It is the home to
over 2,000 artifacts belonging
to a Wamego resident.
The museum opened in April
2004 after 8 years of planning.
The museum honors 100 years

of  Oz history and this year
celebrates the 75th anniversary
of The Wizard of Oz which
debuted in 1939.

Look out Dorothy!

Once you pass the imprints
of the Munchkins, you will
enter the sepia toned gift shop
where you will get your tickets
at Auntie Em's window, then
you will pass through the
screen door into the colorful 
world of Oz.

Well, well who do we have
here? Dorothy of course.

Oh look! Who did the house
land on?

The museum holds many, many
display cases with all sorts of
items pertaining to each character.

Certificate of Death of The
Wicked Witch of the East!

If I remember correstly these
are signatures of the little people
who played the munchkins in the

THE famous Ruby Slippers,
there were five sets of these.

All things "Dorothy."
Stay tuned friends,
more tomorrow.

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Wow! What a place!!
    Such dedication to all things Oz :)

    Looks like you had a fun day !

  2. Come back later to see more!

    M :)

  3. Great tour..look forward to more....

    1. Do come back. It was such fun.

      M : )

  4. fun, fun and more fun.......waiting to see what awaits on the Golden Road.


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