Sunday, August 10, 2014

Week of Fun---Part 3

Today we are going to The
Strawberry Hill Museum
and Cultural Center.
Back in the day the museum
belonged to The Scroggs
Family and was "one of the
most outstanding examples
of the Queen Anne Style
house" erected in Kansas
City, Kansas.


As the marker says-it was built
in 1887 and the family lived
here for 32 years. Many years
later the home was turned into
an orphanage in order to accom-
odate the many orphans that were
left behind due to a horrible flu
epidemic. Today visitors can see
the additions made for the children
and many of the home's original
pieces of furniture, decorative items
and beautiful stained glass windows.
In 1988 the Museum opened when it
was acquired by the Strawberry Hill
Ethnic Cultural Society. The society
promotes and preserves the ethnic
heritage prevalent in Kansas City,
Strawberry Hill is primarily a
Croatian community but also
represents the cultural diversity of
the community. While touring the
museum, visitors will learn about
Danish, Polish, Slovakian, Russian
and several others cultures.
For those of you who are local and
if you visit here make sure that you
see the Pope John Paul's bed and
personal items from his private
trips to Kansas City via TWA.
Lastly this house has gone
through A LOT over the years but
it is still a beautiful and well preserved.
Volunteers take care of the house and
grounds, guide tours, run the gift shop
and the tea room. A job well done!


This is the city view from the
front porch.
There are no pictures from the
inside due to not being allowed
to take any.


In the evening after our museum trip
we came here to watch our Minor League
team play baseball.


It was First Responders Night at the
ball park.


The Kansas City T-Bones played the
Winnipeg Goldeyes. PLAY ball!


Lots of fans.


A cool treat for a hot night. Yum!


A beautiful sunset.

Those crazy kids. My seat neighbor
was kind enough to take our pic.


Fireworks to end the game and a
fantastic vacation-staycation!
I hope you enjoyed the various
places we visited.

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Cute picture of you and Mr. Ken! Thanks for sharing your fun staycation vacation! Great pictures! Made me feel like I was with you! Good luck on a new school year!

  2. What a beautiful old house. I imagine the view from the front porch, is much different than the year the house was built!

    You two look cute, and the smiles on your faces are evidence of the fun that you had together on your stay-cation.

    1. It is a beautiful place. The volunteers take such good care of it.
      I was imagining what it would have.been like
      to live there as we were touring it.

      We do have so much fun together!

      M :)

  3. There were still kids at the orphanage when I was growing up... they didn't stop until the 70's or 80's, I think... the kids started getting hard to care for. It's a fascinating place! I have tickets for Saturday night... wish we could have seen you!

    1. It was so interesting to here the stories
      our guide told us. I' m sure they were.

      We did miss you at the game.

      M : )

  4. Great pic of you both. It is to bad no pics of the inside love seein them ol places. Thanks for the visit and the ball game. Who won?


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