Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Public Garden---Part 2

Today we are back at The
Ewing and Muriel Kauffman
Memorial Garden.
This two acre garden is located
in the heart of Kansas City.

I'm sure this picture is in the first
post but I wanted to tell you a
little about this building.
This is the Orangery and it is the
major architectural feature here
in the garden. It is one of the first
things you see as you turn the
corner and walk into the garden
itself. Orangeries originated in
Europe, where aristocratic families
built conservatories with the windows
only facing south to allow the citrus
to ripen in the winter months. In this
garden it is used for a gathering place
for visitors and a site for fragrant and
seasonal plants.

In the photo above and below
visitor's are greeted by these
very large trees as they enter
the Orangery.

Each of the trees had beautiful
flowers growing around the

There were several of these
hanging from the ceiling.
you can see how tall those
trees are.

I thought this sculpture was adorable.
There was a plaque but I could not
get a good picture. Look closely
and you will see what the boy is
sitting on while reading his book.

Another pretty one.

I think this is an orchid growing
at the bottom of this tree.

Let's go back outside again.


This was a beautiful garden back
in June and I am sure it was pretty
during these summer months when
Zinnias, Celosia, Coleus, Marigolds
and other beauties are in bloom.

If you missed Part One you can find
it here. You will need to scroll past
Part Two to find Part One.

~Keep on Dreamimg~


  1. Simply beautiful.
    I'd never heard of an Orangery before you wrote about it. Thanks for the information :)


    1. I had not heard of one either.
      Never know what you might learn.

      M : )

  2. Ha, a turtle! Very cute! Thanks for the Orangery info, it definitely makes sense and is interesting. The flowers are beautiful and I like the kites for a touch of whimsey! I need to visit KC!

    1. Well, if you ever come to KC let me know, and
      I'll be your tour guide.

      M : )

  3. I figured those pictures were taken earlier this summer... alliums are long past. I have NEVER been to this garden, we rarely go to the Plaza now, so thanks for showing us!

    1. Yea, life and work get in the way a bit
      and I got behind on my garden posting.

      M : )


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