Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Week of Fun---Part 1

Good Evening friends!
I am still here. Have been
having issues loading
pictures. It finally worked
tonight so on to VACATION!

As you may remember two weeks
ago we did a staycation-vacation.
On Wednesday of our week we went
to the National World War Museum
at Liberty Memorial here in Kansas


Here is one of the giant Sphinxes
located on the memorial deck.
This is "Future"--it faces West
with it's wings shrouding it's face
to symbolize the future that is un-


The tower rises 217feet from the 
deck floor.(zoomed in) It was
built in 1926. It has an elevator
located inside that you can take
up the tower to a set of 45 stairs
which leads to the top of the
tower and visitors can walk
around the top and view the city.
Pics later.


This is "Memory"--it faces East with
it's wings shrouding it's face from
the horrors of the war.


We think that the deck was what
was dedicated in 1921 since the 
tower was built in 1926.


The view from the deck. Facing
North one can see Union Station
and our fair city.

Here we go.


After getting our tickets we
walked across the glass bridge.
It depicts a field of 9,000
poppies, each representing
1,000 combatant deaths during
WWI. There is a lot of interesting
information on the web about the
significance of the poppy and wars.


The museum is divided into
two sections--The years 1914-
1917 and 1917-1919.
Each side shows aspects of the
war during those years. There
were several different cannons
on the "beginning" side.


A trench. Doesn't look
very comfy does it.
Imagine bombs and gun
fire going on all around

War posters.


The 1917-1919 section holds
this war ambulance.

Women became part of the war
during the 1917-1919. Nurses
and Red Cross workers. They
saw as much and then some
as the men did.
One of the quotes I remember
reading was from a nurse who
was treating a patient as a bomb 
lands somewhere near the make
shift hospital in the field she said
"I was so scared I did not know
what to do, he was still out so I
just put a tray over our heads as
I ducked down."
I don't remember it word for word
but you get the drift.


Here we are at the top of the
tower. Remember Union
Station? Now look at it from
217 ft above the deck.

Here we are with the city behind
us. I'm getting pretty good at
these "selfies."

There are more pictures that I did
not post, you would be here All
day and there is more I could write
about and again you would be here
All day. Just know that this is a
spectacular place to visit, one that
you will not see in an hour. We were
here for somewhere around 2 1/2-3
hours and could go back and see
something that we did not see the
first time around. So if you are in
Kansas City take some time to visit
this wonderful museum.

Tomorrow we are off to see the

~Keep on Dreaming~

This is my 800th post!!!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing your visit at the museum. It really make one stop, and think about all the sacrifices that have been made, to ensure our freedoms.

    1. Yes, and one doesn't really get that until one visits a museum such as this.

      M : )

  2. p.s. Congrats on the 800 posts!! Impressive!!

    1. Thanks! Do you think maybe I talk too much?


      M : )

  3. awesome pictures....what a great vacation! Love your blog so much! :) Have a great day


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