Friday, April 4, 2014

Where in Missouri is...?

This afternoon we are moving
down the road to southern
Missouri to find D. See the
red dot on the map--that is
Diamond, Missouri.

It is believed that the name
came from a diamond-shaped
grove of walnut trees.

Back in the beginning of the
town it was called "Center"
then the named was changed
in 1883 with the opening
of the post office with the
blacksmith as the postmaster

1884 saw the opening of the
General Store.

1891 saw a wind pump installed
in order to send water to various
parts of town.

1892 saw the opening of the Drug

1913 saw buildings being wired for
electric lights.

1918 saw Electricity!

In the early days of Diamond a
baby boy was born to a female
slave and raised along with his
brother by his Master and his
wife as their own children.

This boy was named George
Washington Carver. He
was an american scientist,
botanist, educator and inventor.
Know for his interest in peanuts
Mr. Carver developed 105 recipes
using peanuts. He wanted to give
farmers a way to provide a better
life for their families. He also
developed around 100 products
made from peanuts that were
useful for the home and farm.
Check him out on Google. A
very interesting guy.

You can also visit The
George Washington
Carver National
Moument Park complex.
It is located west-southwest of

Tomorrow is E--stop by and
see where we end up. Ha! Ha!

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. I grew up in Central Illinois so I'm going to enjoy this trip through familiar territory!

  2. Thanks! I see you joined the fun here at Dreaming.
    Will stop by soon.

    M : )

  3. Now see, I've never heard of Diamond, Missouri. I'm enjoying this challenge. It's interesting.

    1. Coming from my Kindle.
      Glad you are having fun!

      Check back soon for E.

      M : )

  4. This is s great one, Melinda! As we travel on I-44 often, we passed the sign to Diamond many times. Since my son loves diamonds so much we decided to go see what a town named Diamond looked like. It is very small, but quaint. We took a few pictures while there. I'll be back for 'E'! Twyla

    1. How fun that you have been here!
      I figured it was a small town.

      Come back soon.

      M : )


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