Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Where in Kansas is...?

Hello Everyone!
Let's get the buggy packed
because we are heading south-
west today to find G. If you
look on the map above we
are going to Garden City,
it is in the far left of the map.

Garden City was established
on a loose, sandy loam and
covered in sagebrush and
soapweeds but no there
were no trees.

January is their COLD month.
July is their HOT month.
June is their WET month.
Their average humidity is in
the 60's

Agriculture is the mover and
shaker for their economy.

Their largest employer's are
Tyson, Garden City Public
Schools and St. Catherine

According to statistics, 2012
showed  that 73.9% of the
population over 16 was part
of the work force.

Garden City is home to the
Lee Richardson Zoo- the
largest zoological park in
western Kansas. Located on
47 acres in the Finnup Park.
the park was established by
a donation of 105 acres of
land to the city by George

The zoo is named after Mr.
Richardson who was the
Chief of Police and the Park
and Zoo Superintendent at
the time.

The zoo was started with
two skunks and today
one can see more than
100 species of animals,
many that are non-native
to south-west Kansas.
The best part of the zoo is
that admission is FREE!

The Finnup Park is home
to a pool that is LARGER
than a 100 yard football
field, it holds 2.2 million
gallons of water and one
can water ski in the pool!
During the summer there
can be upwards of 2000
at the pool! Oh my.

There is more to this city
than I knew! Wowzer!!

Tomorrow is H. So hop on
back to see where we are
off  to.

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Wow, Melinda, Garden City sounds like an amazing place! I'd really like to visit there someday. Too far for a day trip so would take some planning. The zoo sounds amazing. I love that it was started with two skunks:) Twyla

  2. I agree, but I'm curious about the monster pool!

    M : )

  3. I took a kook at Finnup Park pool and it is enormous. Wow zee !

    1. I am sure it is! I need to see it sometime!!!

      M : )

  4. Ha! The two skunks fact made me laugh :) #atozchallenge

  5. So funny, I think the could have found some other
    animal to open a zoo.

    Thanks for coming by.Stop by again soon.

    M : )


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