Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Made in Missouri and Kansas

Ta-Da we made it to the last
day! Hooray!
Today we will be looking at
two new cities and the products
that are made there.

Our first stop is St. Joseph,
Missouri which is located in
the northwestern part of the
Our feature product from St.
Joe is the Cherry Mash,
made by the Chase Candy
Founded by Doctor turned
candy maker, Dr, George
Washington Chase in 1876-
the same year that America
turned 100! Needing to add
to his family's income, Chase
opened a fruit and produce
but his teenage son
encouraged him to hire two
expert candy makers and the
Chase Candy company was born
on the second floor of the business.
The candy became so popular that
the family devoted all their time to
candy making.
Well known in the Midwest for it's
peanut candie and hand dipped
chocolates. BUT my ultimate
favorite is the Cherry Mash!
Created in 1918, it became the
best seller among candy bars.
The Cherry Mash is a delicious
mound of chopped roasted pea-
nuts mixed with a chocolate coating
over a smooth cherry fondant center.
Heaven!!!! It is the third oldest candy
bar in the U.S.
After several changing of hands the
candy company is still in St. Joe, where
it all began over 135 years ago, they are
still making all their wonderful delicious
yummies today.
If you can't find them in your area, you
can find them on the internet if course!
And if you have not had one, get one
try it---you WILL like it!

Our last stop on the tour will be
Louisburg, Kansas. We will take
some time to visit the Louisburg 
Cider Mill.
Louisburg is located about 20 minutes
from our house. Just down the road a
piece. The cider mill was constructed
from wood saved from an old barn.
They have been making cider since 1977
and their method of cider making dates
back 2000 years! After a two or three day
process the cider is bottled in gallon and
half gallon jugs. We are lucky enough to
be able to buy the cider in our local grocery
stores. One of the favs of visitors is the
there without having at least one. These
are some tasty morsels.

Some of the other things that are made at
the mill are:
Lost Trail Soda--A  western themed
product that was inspired by the travels
and adventures of one of the owners great
great grandfather. It is a micro-brewed,
draft style method of production. Giving
it and old fashioned taste. It comes in a
variety of flavors.
Fruit Butters and Preserves--
They are made using the "open kettle"
method. The fruit butter is a spread
made of fruit cooked down to a creamy
paste that is lightly sweetened and flavored
with spices.

Activities for visitors:
Ciderfest, Pumpkin Patch and Corn
Maze. Late September and Early
Mill Tours
Country Store

Check out their website for product

Information gathered for these posts
came from the internet and info that
I happened to know on these products.

We have come to the end of our tour,
thanks for coming along for the ride.

It has been fun and I am excited to
have some new followers--welcome.

I will admit that this has been a long
haul and I am headed for a small break.
Stay tuned to this channel for a new post

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Oh I would like to try the Cherry Mash, old fashioned cider and sodas, and that is nice to read a bit of the history of the companies. Yes, now you can rest a spell.

    1. Well, hit the internet and you can try
      to your hearts content!
      Yes, I like the idea if a rest!!

      M : )

  2. Yum! I think everyone takes a short or long break after the marathon that was the a-z. Congrats on finishing!

    1. It was fun. But your right it is long haul
      especially working full time.

      M : )

  3. Oh, I Love Cherry Mash! They are delicious and I'm proud they are Missouri made! Louisburg Cider is famous! I didn't know it was in Kansas! How lucky for you you live so close. Thanks so much for all the time and effort you have put into all these posts, Melinda. I thoroughly enjoyed each one. Twyla

    1. Oh, thank you for your kind words.
      Those Cherry Mash are THE BEST!
      It is nice that we live so close to
      Louisburg- we can pop out ther whenever.

      Come on back for my regular posts soon!
      Thanks for hanging in with me.

      M : )

  4. I love Lost Trails and LOVE the cider doughnuts!

  5. Both are yummy aren't they!

    M : )

  6. Cherry Nash looks so delish! My daughter in law's Gma
    lives in St. Joe's. They just went there for Easter :)

    1. Cherry Mash are soooooo yummy!
      Try one if you haven't.

      M :)

  7. I've never had cherry mash, but it sounds like candy I would like. May need to find it online. Happy A to Z!

    1. You better head right to the net and check these out!

      M : )

  8. Cherry Mash are my husband's favorite. I try to buy them when I come home for a visit.

    1. You husband knows a good thing when he sees it!

      M : )


Thanks! Hope you enjoyed today's post. Come back soon.

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