Thursday, April 3, 2014

Where in Kansas is...?

Are you buckled up? Back to
Kansas we go. Today we are
looking for C as in Council

The city was named after an
agreement with the European
Americans and the Osage Nation.
The agreement allowed settler
wagons to come through on their
way west. They gathered at a
grove of trees to meet before
they headed west.

It was one of the last stops on
the Sante Fe Trail.

Daniel Boone's grandson,
Seth Hays was one of the
first settlers to the area.

In 1857, Hays opened a
restaurant, the Hays
House and it is still in
operation today! It is said
to be the oldest operating
restaurant west of the
(You can Google it and find
out more about this historic

Council Grove has 13 sites
listed on the National Register
of Historic Places.

There are two facts I found quite
interesting about Council Grove.

~Back in the settler's days, as they
traveled there was a designated tree
called Post Office Oak and they
could leave their mail in the tree and
it would picked up by others going the
right direction. How they knew this
blows my mind.

~During the Civil War, General
Custer of the US Army slept here
with his troops under a large tree
known today as the Custer Elm.

Swing on by tomorrow for D.

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Melinda, I enjoyed very much learning about Council Grove! I have never heard of it and think I would enjoy a day trip there! Very interesting about the Hayes-Boone connection. I'm a big admirer of Daniel Boone. Twyla

    1. Glad you enjoyed this post, thanks!

      M : )

  2. How cool would that be to pick your mail up on an old oak tree? Of course, with all the junk mail we have today....that tree would most definitely be covered!
    Great visit today..

  3. Dropping by from the A to Z! Lovely blog. :)

  4. Really interesting post. Nice to follow and connect

  5. Melinda, I wanted to read this but I cannot read the neon green on white, I admit it. I can't make out all the words. I'll try again tonight.

  6. Hi everyone,
    I will be back soon to reply to your comments.
    We had internet issues last night.
    Need to get d up nad going then I'll be back.

    M :)


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