Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tea Anyone???

It is National Iced Tea Day!!!!

Lipton or Luzianne

Loose or tea bag (s)

Hot or Cold

Which do you prefer?

I LOVE this day. Most of you
know that I am a tea girl-cold
with LOTS of ice!!

We buy the Lipton Cold Brew
in bags and I have a cold pitcher
of tea in minutes! Instant satisi-
faction. Good old fashioned "sun
tea" is great too. Mr. Ken was
asking about that the other day-
I said I would make some when
we have a hot day with lots of sun
of course. He said he was on board
with that!

This would be a delicious beverage
for those of you who are in the part
of the country that are having high 
summer temps today.

Grab a glass, sit back and relax!!!


Better take my tea with me and get
back to garage sale prep. :)

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. I'm not much for hot tea, but do like iced tea. I've got a Snapple raspberry tea in the refrigerator waiting for me.

  2. I love tea both hot & cold. Enjoy!

  3. Love iced tea...but I like hot tea too...even in the summer! Today was an excellent pool day! Hugs

  4. uNsweetened iced tea is my fav! Your picture is making me thirsty! !!!

  5. Luzianne / teabag / iced / everyday at lunch:-)

  6. I love both but hot tea with cream and sugar is my favorite!

  7. I stock up on Lipton cold brew when we go to the US, because it isn't sold here, and we love it!


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