Friday, June 21, 2013

It's Party Week!-- 4 and 5

I am combining a couple
of days and finishing
with Party Decor.

Some of the fun things
I have seen in magazines
lately are:

Painted cork circles:
Use painter's tape for
straight lines. Paint
around circle stickers
for dots.
You could paint 1/2 or
1/4 of the circle and
leave the rest bare.
See: blogger Sarah
Khandjian's blog for

Put some polka dots on
your party balloons.
Make red ones look like
watermelons with black

For a different take on
4th of July decor---Tori
Spelling created a nautical
table scape. Redbook-July
Items used:
Gold Chargers
White Plates with anchors
on them
Blue Glasses
Red napkins stamped with
a blue anchor and tied with
Rope patterned blue fabric-
she turned this into the
table runner
She turned inexpensive glass
vases into rope covered vases
by wrapping it with rope top
to bottom,using  craft glue
as she went.
Red Flowers
Seashells and a flea market

Drink sleeves
Keep hands dry and never
loose track of your coaster;
wrap a cocktail napkin around
the bottom each glass and secure
with a colorful rubber band.
I think it would be fun to have
several different prints to choose
from and then your guests can pick
a napkin for their glass. Kind of 
like a glass charm.

Utensil Bundles
Fold waxed paper or parchment
into pockets and tie with
colorful floss for easy to
grab packets.

Enjoy your Summer parties!

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Some cute ideas! Look forward to the pictures of your next party.

  2. Thanks for the round up of ideas. Lots of cute ideas... hmmm... a whale from a yard sale. Gotta keep that in mind. I go tag saling every weekend (and get junk basically) In fact, one fella had a junk pile that looked more interesting to me than the stuff he had for sale! ha ha Have a great summer! Linda

  3. You always have such cute ideas!


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