Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Fellow Blogger's Nifty Idea

Today I want to pass on
an idea from a fellow
Karen at Elderberry Street
(see my sidebar) was out of
town recently and it was chilly
where she was and did not have
a jacket with her. Now being the
smart woman that she is, she
headed over to Wal-Mart thinking
they might have a sweater or
sweatshirt left over--NO LUCK.
So what does one do now? Well,
off to the fabric department she
went and picked up 2 yards of
t-shirt knit fabric and used it as
a shawl!
Now how smart is that and it is
so cute. (See her current post
and the picture at the end) Her
hubby called this her "McGyver
moment." I could of used this
idea several years ago while on
In communication back and forth
with her she said she also picked
up a denim shirt on the clearance
rack. I told her that she was lucky
that they still had a fabric depart-
ment as our Wal-Mart got rid of
theirs years ago,very disappointing!
Back to the fabric--imagine the color
possibilities one could have with this.
She does recommend that 2.5 or 3 yds
would work well also.
So if you are going on a trip, hitting the
beach etc. grab some t-shirt fabric for
a lightweight shawl.

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Ha! Very nice, Melinda. Hopefully it will help somebody else out when they're freezing.

  2. Smart thinking! Never thought of this. Of course, I should not have to worry about this..... I'm hot natured and rarely wear a jacket.

  3. Good idea! My hometown Wal-Mart did away with the fabric department, too.

  4. That is a great idea! Our Wal-Mart got rid of the fabric department too.

  5. Great idea. I can't begin to tell you the number of jackets and sweaters I've bought while I've been away.


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