Thursday, May 2, 2013

WHAT????? CRAZY!!!!

Yes, Dorothy we ARE in

Snow!!! That's right. On
the Hosta.

In the neighbor's yard.

The deck.

The front yard. If you look
closely you can see the
flakes flying past
the camera!

We could set a record
tomorrow, if we get 1.8
inches. 100 years ago
tomorrow we had over
an inch of snow here in
Kansas City! Oh boy!!!

The metro are is under a
Winter Weather Advisory
also. Unbelievable I tell ya!
Mother Nature needs some

I guess one day we will resume
regular programing of Spring


~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Crazy, isn't it?!!! I'm sick of the cold dreary weather! I want spring!
    Hope your hosta will be okay. Twyla

  2. This weather is unreal! I hope it melts soon and stays away from us!!

  3. Keep on dreaming is RIGHT! My gosh... am so tired of this weather! I have tomatoes to plant and stuff to do outside. Now the maters are all back in again, and I have to start all over hardening off again tomorrow.

    Got through those Gooseberry's yet?

  4. We had a blizzard on Tuesday, as did my brother in Denver, as did a friend in Salt Lake City. What gives?

  5. I Melinda, since you dropped by Elderberry Street, I thought I'd come visit you. And what do I see? You live in my home town! Well, I'm not exactly sure where you live, but I grew up in Shawnee and my parents are in Olathe along with one of my girls. The other daughter lives in Lawrence. They're not too happy about the snow either.

  6. Oh, my! It's a bit much, isn't it? What? I mean it's WAY TOO MUCH! any snow at this time is not welcome! Does it make you feel any better that we had wonderful weather here in Connecticut? You are glad for us, right? ha ha Take care, my friend, summer WILL happen. Linda


Thanks! Hope you enjoyed today's post. Come back soon.

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