Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Fun-Days 15-16

Today's selection is:
Ornament Collections

Over the years I have
started many ornament
collections for many
Currently I have three
children that I give an
ornament to each
Christmas. Our Niece,
our Great Niece and
our friend's son.
Sometimes I do themes
and other times I pick
random ornaments.
For the girls, I have been
doing random girly
ornaments and for
the male in the group I
am doing a sports theme.
Each ornament is tagged
with the ornament number
and the year. ( #1  2012 )
Hopefully by the time the
kids are grown they will
have a collection to take
with them when they move
out on their own.

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. What a sweet idea, Melinda. Wish I had thought of this. They will have treasures & memories of you forever.

    Merry Christmas
    TTFN ~

  2. I have done this with my son since he was born. This year is the first year he will have his own tree in his first apartment and will now take all of his tree is going to look bare now! LOL It is such a great idea and he always looked forward to each year's ornament. Some were of the Simpsons when he was younger, a cat to remind him of his pet, a wooden nativity scene (for the reason for the season), The Grinch (his favorite Christmas movie), and so much more. It was always fun finding something each year as well to go with what he was 'into' that year.

  3. Great idea! When my mother in law was alive she had started this tradition with my kids.

  4. What a lovely tradition, and how fun for them to have all those great memories!

  5. What a great idea! I've bought ornaments for my goddaughter for a number of years, though not the last few. I've so enjoyed the selection.

  6. What a thoughtful tradition to start for your loved ones.

    We had a similar tradition, when our kids were young, and they loved it!

    Enjoy this season.

  7. I'm sure the collections will be treasured by each of the children. How thoughtful!

  8. What a wonderful tradition!!! I've always given the grandkiddos ornaments the first few years of their life but then stopped...I don't know why?

    What a treasured group of ornaments they will have from one beautiful person!

    God bless and enjoy my friend!!!

  9. What a great gift! Happy Friday

  10. My mom does this for each of the grandchildren. It's so sweet to look at her tree and see all the ornaments that she has purchased to honor each child over the years. I love seeing Harry Potter ornaments for my now 16-year old nephew...and a ruby slipper from the year Mary was Dorothy for Halloween (she was 4 that year...sniff sniff!). so much fun. You are a sweet and generous Auntie and friend!


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