Monday, July 2, 2012

Going To Kansas City

D-- On our stop today we will be looking Downtown. Our fair city was incorporated in 1850 on the banks of the Missouri River. Downtown as with most is filled with offices, banks, restaurants, hotels and a variety of entertainment venues. Back in the day --downtown was the place to go for everything. Business and pleasure. Women "dressed for lunch" and shopping and men donned a suit to go to work. But time changes and so do cities. When neighboring cities developed their own business parks and shopping centers/malls were built, many didn't need to "go downtown to do their business. A lot of businesses left the area and downtown became lost in the shuffle of change. Today and over the last 10 years, there has been an interest in revitalizing the Downtown core and now we have reason to "go downtown." E-- Now that you know a little about downtown, there are many other places to explore in Kansas City. Museums, restaurants, shopping centers/malls and theatres. Cities surrounding the downtown core have much to offer too. Two websites for you: F-- Our next stop are the beautiful fountains of our big city! Kansas City is known as "The City of Fountains." We have more fountains than any city in the world except Rome, Italy. As a matter of fact there is a nine page list of the fountains in the KC metro area. I had no idea that we had THAT many fountains and I have lived here FOREVER! We are so fortunate to have such beautiful fountains here. Above is a night view of the fountain at the ballpark. It is beautiful in the daylight but at night with the lights oh boy! The ballpark fountain during a day game. If it is a hot windy day and you are lucky you might get a little spray while standing behind the fountain. This is the beautiful J. C. Nichols fountain on the eastern edge of the shopping district we have- called The Plaza. It is a popular spot for engage- ment, wedding, senior, family/group pictures. This one is in the Quality Hill neighborhood downtown. Singles, young couples and business professionals call this area home.
Remember Crown Center?
These are the fountains out-
side that greet shoppers as
they come in and out the doors.
Above and below: These are
located on each side of the doors.
This one is across the street
from Crown Center. Tables
are available for taking a
break from shopping etc.
Concerts and movies are
held off to the right of the
fountain in the summer.
This one is located off the
Plaza east and behind a
memorial garden.
Tomorrow will bring more
~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. This is SUCH a good idea, Melinda!

  2. We do have some pretty fountains!

  3. I used to travel a lot to KC, we always stayed right at the Crown. It was a great little city with some of the best BBQ!!

  4. We have always enjoyed our visits to KC. Beautiful share today, Melinda.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the wonderful gifts. They arrived. I can see Tatiana, & Alyssa will have fun with me creating lots of pretties. And that lotion smells sooooooooo good. You were very generous & too kind.

    Have a sparkling 4th ~
    TTFN ~

  5. Hi Melinda..
    That's so cool about the fountains!
    I never knew that about KC :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    Smiles :)

  6. It's been a few years since I've been to KC! But it is a very pretty town!

    You always take your fun along with you! I admire that about you!

    Have a fabulous 4th with your sweetie!

  7. Love your alphabetical tour of KC. I never knew there were that many fountains there. The one in the stadium is a pretty neat idea.


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