Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Way to Spend a Saturday

Here's Chef Ken-in the midst of making salsa.
Garden tomatoes, peppers
and cilantro.
Some garden onions.
The chef is roasting the maters
on the grill plate. The peppers
will get the same treatment.
All mixed, mashed and sampled.
I think you can tell by the chef's
reaction that it is HOT! Just the
way he likes it.
Ready for the fridge.
Update--salsa has been
paired with chips a couple
of times and the Chef proclaims
it "Just right!"
~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. I love the photos. Did your chef make the salsa too hot to handle :-). Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  2. Wow, your salsa looks delicious!!! Chris definitely loves a hot salsa. I prefer mine a bit milder!

  3. This looks delicious Mr. Ken!!


  4. His 'hot' face made me laugh!

    Love the idea of grilling the 'maters!

    I even like salsa on baked potatoes!

  5. Oh golly, I bet that is so good! I love spicy salsa!

  6. Tis the season for salsa making!
    Looks like you have some pretty tasty salsa there, and wonderful salsa maker-helper :)

  7. Why do men like such hot foods? My son-in-law likes REALLY hot foods. Oh,well. Nice visiting. Happy SUMMER!!!!!

  8. Yum!!! We still have about 8 more cantaloupes that are almost ready for picking! I will bring one over soon! The salsa looks great Ken! We need to make some too! I still need to pickle our Okra. We have a TON!! Garden was good to us this year. Bailey has a little watermelon growing too, she is so excited about it!


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