Saturday, June 30, 2012

Going To Kansas City

A-- Our first stop will be at Arrowhead Stadium-- "Home of The Chiefs." Arrowhead is the 27th largest stadium in North America. Ground was broke in July of 1968 and Opening Day was in August 1972. Kansas City defeated the St. Louis Cardinals in their first game at Arrowhead. Since then many games have been played including college and major league soccer plus many a concert has been attended at Arrowhead.
Now, we will travel back in
time to the year 1954 when
Kansas City got it's first major
league baseball team.
The Kansas City Athletics came
from Philidelphia that year.
They played here until 1967
when they left for California.
Major League baseball expanded
in 1969 and a new team arrived
in KC.
~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Ooooo what a great idea for a post!!!!

  2. Kansas City is on my list. I've got lots of America to see! Love your "Go USA Olympics" blog graphic.

  3. I live in Kansas City, Lets go CHIEFS!!!

  4. Wow! Sounds like a great time. Have fun Melinda and thanks for the History lesson.

  5. Interesting...I know very little about the Chiefs, so I'm glad to have this info...might come in handy with all the sports trivia that my sons-in-law love to play..

  6. Hey....isn't Kansas City where that huge-o-gigantic Mall is? May you have a safe trip. May the chiefs win a game and may you get to the mall of your dreams.(Love the music on this site)


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