Monday, June 25, 2012

And The Winner Is.....

17 names were put in a bowl for my SUMMER MYSTERY GIVEAWAY! My helpful assistant put his hand in and mixed all the names up. He pulled out a slip of paper and guess who won??? The winner is......... Marydon from "Blushing Rose." Yea! She will receive some fun goodies that I picked out! Remember it was a mystery giveaway-I will reveal the goodies after I mail them to her! *********************************** Marydon: please email me with your address. Thanks again to everyone for your wonderful comments, love and support! Love to ALL of YOU! ~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Oh,my gosh! I actually won something ... twice in a month?! WOW! I never win anything. I am so excited to see what goodies will be in the parcel, my friend. TY hubby for picking my name.

    TTFN ~

  2. Hey for Marydon!!! I am so happy for you..Do tell what arrives in the mail...
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  3. Congratulations Marydon! Can't wait to see what you have won!

  4. Congrats, Marydon!!!
    I love the pics of Mr Ken! Too cute he is :)
    xo, misha

  5. Congratulations to Marydon!!

    Love your helper... covering his eyes and everything :)

    Smiles :)

  6. Congratulations to your winner. I can't wait to see what is in the goodie basket you send. Have a wonderful day.Blessings...Mary

  7. Wtg marydon... Mr ken looks like he was having fun giving some blog love.


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