Saturday, February 11, 2012

Will YOU Be Mine???

The makings of Valentine's! If you remember several weeks ago I invited my readers/followers to make Valentine's for the children at our local children's hospital. One of the radio stations here sponsors a card shower each year and invites their listeners to participate. Sooo I invited YOU to to join ME in brightening a child's day. Five of you plus one daughter and a grandaughter jumped on board with me, making it EIGHT of us making cards this year. Yea! That is an increase of five more from last year! Here is the proof: These are the one's I made. These are the one's Karen from Colorado made. Very very cute! These lovely little envelopes hold valentine's made by Leslie and her daughter, they are from Maryland. Pretty fancy!
These lovelies (below) came
from Katherine in Canada!
Our farthest Valentine's!!!!!
She even labeled them from
Canada on the back! Pretty
Miss Nezzy and her sweet
grandaughter made these.
They are from Missouri.
I know somebody who likes
to color! Quite colorful. :)
And....last BUT not
least Jenny made
these. She put a lot
of work into these.
I like the flash card
idea!! Jenny you were
thinking outside of the
box!!!! These came after I
delivered the others BUT
they will get to the kids--
This was one of the delivery
sites--I dropped off 45 special
Valentine's cards after work.
The last eight will go out TODAY.
First National co-sponsors the
card shower with the radio
Thanks again! You ROCK.
I know the kids will get a
big kick out of these.
I REALLY appreciate the
time EVERYONE took out
of their days to do this with
me! I have THE BEST followers!!!
~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Kudos! They are great. Happy Valentine's Day to you and Ken.


  2. Beautiful cards. I will try and be more on the ball next year.

  3. This was such a wonderful thing to do!! I would love to have joined. Next year send me an email and I will join you in this great project. Take care, Linda

  4. This was so much fun to do. Thanks for including us!

  5. Melinda you are the best! Such joy you are bringing to others. How wonderful all these lovely ladies were a part of this for you. The cards are fabulous.

    Happy Valentine's ~
    TTFN ~

  6. I'm glad ya had a great turn out on the cards girl.

    I hope they bless the dear little hearts in the hospitals.

    BTW: Angel is the little gal who has been battlin' brain stem cancer who is in my Sunday School Class and Kids Church. Not my granddaughter, but I love her anyway.

    Angel collapsed at school Thursday and was ambulanced to the Hospital. She's been complainin' of headaches again and I've seen a digression of her short term memory.

    I've said all this to ask for prayer. I hope for the best but fear the worse.

    God bless ya sweetie and enjoy this week!!! :o)

  7. That is wonderful! I'm sorry I missed out on that! Need to get out of the shop more often! Traci

  8. Sorry I missed this, what a great idea. Congrats on doing such a great thing for those kids.
    Have a Happy Valentines Day!


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