Friday, February 24, 2012

60 Years of Fun

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Mr. Potato Head turns 60
this month! His debut
came in 1952 and was
the first toy ever to be
advertised on TV!
**It cost .98 in '52 to buy
a Potato Head--parts
only cause Mom or Dad
supplied the potato.
**The Mrs. was introduced
in 1953 and they were
married on Valentine's
Day of that year. They
renewed their vows this
year !
**In 1964, Hasbro began
selling Mr. and Mrs. with
hard plastic bodies that
held the pieces in the "tator
tush" compartment and that
is trademarked!
**100 million tator toys have
been sold to date.
** 30 licensed characters
have been created.
**There are 350 parts and
pieces available.
**Mr. got his AARP card in
Did you have a Potato Head?
A Mrs? I remember having
one as a child. Loved it!!
Now, I have a Valentine one,
an Easter one and a Halloween
one. My kids at school love
to play with them.
Oh, what fun!
~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. I did have a Mr. Potato Head as did my boys! What a pleasant memory.


  2. I loved Mr. Potato Head. It seems like such a simple toy, but I remember having such a good time with it. Happy Birthday, Mr. Potato Head. You're still looking good.

  3. Woohoo...Happy Birthday Mr. Spud!!!

    I'm old so mine came with parts only and Mama suppled the 'tader head!!!

    Must be nice to be that old and not have one teeny~tiny wrinkle! Heeeheheheehe!!!

    God bless ya and have a super Saturday Miss Melinda!!! :o)

  4. Glad he got his AARP card! I had one of them when I was a kid. My son has quite a few of them, so I still get to play with him if I want to. It seems like they make Potato Heads for all the holidays now - Easter Bunny, Vampire for Halloween, etc.

  5. I remember playing with Mr. Potato head as a little girl! My grandlittles never got into him as much! Happy Sunday, lovely girl!

  6. Hi Melinda,
    I remember Mr. Potato Head I loved him as a kid..What a fun toy he was and still is..the toys were so much smipler then. I am a kid of the 50's.
    I am so gald you are feeling better and back to work.Not fun being sick..
    Big hugs, Elizabeh

  7. Great trivia knowledge. If I can only remember all that. :)

  8. I never had a Mr. Potato Head:( I do remember when you got the parts and used a real potato! My cousin had one and I was soooo jealous.

    I actually bought my nephew a Mr. Potato Head once, just so I could play with it:/

  9. I think my cousins had Mr Potato Head... because I remember playing with him on occasion.


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