Sunday, February 19, 2012

Coughing and Blowing, Blowing and Coughing

Ken and I have been "blessed"
NOT with the creeping crud.
Ken has something different
than I have and vice versa.
We will resume regular
programming soon. Please
stand by.
I may come by but not comment
just depends on how I feel.
Thanks for your patience with this.
We appreciate it.
~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Oh dear! Take good care of yourselves.


  2. Oh dear, hope you both feel better soon!

  3. Oh my gosh, Melinda, we have been so sick for a week already! Keith missed parts or all of four days, and I missed two... and dragged in wednesday when I should have been home! I hope you two get to feeling better... we HAVE to work tomorrow, but I am still coughing and exhausted. Get better!

  4. Oh you poor babies, it's worse when ya go down together.

    Take care and I hope you two will be back to your perky selves soon and very soon.

    Sendin' big old hugs and healin' prayers sweetie.

    BTW: Angel's MRI is tomorrow.

  5. There are an awful lot of yucky germs going around! I'm on the tail end of a snuffly nose cold. So glad that's over.
    Keep up the decluttering! It sounds like you've got the schedule worked out perfectly. Timing your decluttering efforts with the truck means you don't have a pile sitting in your dining room for a week, like I do. (I usually pop mine in the back of the van and take it over myself, as the donation center is right on my way. But I need to run out and find a box so I can get things loaded up.)

  6. Aaww Melinda, I hope you get well soon! Lots of honey and lemon!! Love from AnneMarie xx

  7. Oh no...Heres to a speedy recovery..No fun being under the least you and Ken can be home together passing the tissue box.
    Big hugs, Elizabeth


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