Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pop, Pop, Pop

October is National Popcorn Month! In 1999, then Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman proclaimed it as so. The month of October was chosen because of the popcorn harvest that takes place each fall in the Midwest. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fun Facts: *Americans consume around 16 billion quarts of this yummy stuff! *The peak period for popcorn sales is the Fall. For home enjoyment. *Most popcorn comes in two basic shapes---snowflake and mushroom. Movie theatres use the snowflake type and mushroom is used for candy confections because it doesn't crumble. *Popping popcorn is one of the number one uses for the microwave. *Popcorn kernels can pop up to three feet in the air! *If you made a trail of popcorn from NYC to LA, you would need 352,028,160 popped kernels!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Brands of Popcorn: Act 11 Jiffy Pop Newman's Own Orville Redenbacher's Pop Secret Smart Balance ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What is your favorite popcorn? ~Keep on Dreaming~ READER ALERT: BLOGGER HAS HAD A MIND OF IT'S OWN!!


  1. Woohoo!!! Popcorn rocks! I'm an Orville kinda gal!

    It's tradition that we have popcorn every Sunday evenin'! MMmmmmmm!!!

    God bless ya and have a beautiful weekend sweetie!!! :o)

  2. I can't go to a movie without getting a big ol' bucket of pop corn.

  3. Hi Sweet Friend!!!

    We are huge popcorn lovers here at our house...I think Chris eats 1 billion of the 16 each year! LOL

    Mary Catherine's favorite is Movie Theater...from the Movies!!! :) Right now, we love Boy Scout USA popcorn. :)

    Thanks for dropping by! We need to try and get rescheduled soon!


  4. We love popcorn and have it on the weekend when we watch our netflix movie. :)

  5. I love Kettle Corn. Especially this time of year. I enjoyed your little lesson on popcorn! Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Yum!!! I love popcorn.
    I just took a photo of some popcorn that I was gonna blog about, it is rainbow caramel popcorn.. and it was fantastic!

    I was thinking about our Valentine card project the other day and I was inspired to do something for the kids here at Johns Hopkins ~ We are making Halloween goodie bags.. so far 120 of them.

    Have a fantastic weekend.

  7. I like Orville's best, I bought some tonight at the Wally World!

    Chilly out there, but I LOVE this weather!

  8. I usually pop whatever is on sale. But movie popcorn w/ butter poured all over is my favorite, just not very healthy! Have a blessed week. Jackie

  9. I come from the days of Jiffy Pop done on a burner on the stove. The top, covered in aluminum foil, building to a big, round crescendo.

    Popcorn - as American as apple pie.

  10. I like any kind of popcorn, popped in our "Whirley Pop" thingy. And even better, I love to make kettle corn in that wonderful gadget! You've made me hungry now :) -Tammy


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