Friday, August 26, 2011


A little houskeeping. 1--Thanks for all the suggestions for clothing choices for my reunion tomorrow. I believe that I have come up with a fun combo but you will have to wait for the pictures! 2--Blessings a prayers for all of you in the path of Irene. May you stay safe and ride out the storm without any problems! 3--I have completed TWO weeks of the school year as of today! It is still hard to believe that we are back at it. We have a good group this year and I feel that we will get a lot accomplished with our students. 4--Mr. Ken had the afternoon off and is buzzing around here getting things done. Right now, he is mowing the yard as I type this post. It is good to have jobs but they do get in the way. :) Have a wonderful weekend ! Watch for the reunion post at a later date. ~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Irene is waving goodbye to Baltimore ~ sheeeesh, I can stop holding my breath now.
    Can't wait to see the reunion photos..
    I can't believe that you've been back to school for 2 weeks.. crazy.
    My youngest goes back on Tuesday ~ depressing!
    Have a great new week


Thanks! Hope you enjoyed today's post. Come back soon.

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