Monday, August 22, 2011

A Question for You? ? ? ?

I am hoping my blogging friends can help. What would one wear to a place called Brew Top Pub and Patio for a high school reunion? There will be a DJ, dancing, cash bar and hors d' oeuvres. The main menu will also be available. This is on Saturday evening at 7:00 in the evening. It is supposed to be sunny and 87 that day. I'm thinking one would lean on the "business" casual side of clothing choices????? Don't you think that would work? ~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. well...i am a jean girl and i would be tempted to wear them...but i guess not for a high school reunion..and 87 degrees...whew...what about a summer skirt and top...simple...a little pair of flat shoes...

    sounds like a fun time...

    keep us posted, my friend


  2. I am thinking summer skirt and top also, and comfy but adorable flats!You probabaly won't be sitting a whole lot :)
    Make sure you take pics for us!!

    The worst thing that ever happened to me fashion wise was a wedding J and I went to in south Florida when we lived there.
    NO ONE told us it was a beach wedding!!!! It was held at a gorgeous hotel on the ocean. The wedding party was all in beach clothes and barefoot!
    The wedding took place on the sand near the surf. UGH! So many of us were in fancy dresses, panty hose,high heels suits, ties...It was awful and HOT and HUMID! I was steaming that the bride and groom didn't have the decency to put anything in the invitation. So were the others. Even the seafood buffet was on the beach. Needless to say quite a few people left very early :(
    And that is my fashion horror story!

  3. I'd wear whatever was in style for that sort of gathering the year you graduated. Have fun!


  4. This sounds like fun....I would wear a black pair of capri pants, a white or bright top and some cute sandals...Dress up your top with some cute bling jewlery! Make sure you have FUN and take pictures...

  5. Summer sundress and sandals or fancy capris and dressy top! It's still summer...and a Saturday night! Live it up, girl!

    And HAVE FUN!!!

    Luv ya!

  6. gosh.. I am terrible at this stuff, wear something comfy.. most importanty, wear some GREAT shoes. : ) Im an accessories kind of girl, slap a bracelet or two on and some lipstick and I am ready to go! : )
    Have a great time!!!

  7. How about a cute skirt and light jacket? If you wear a nifty tank underneath you can always take it off if you need to.

    I'd probably wear flats because you might end up standing up a lot to talk!

    What fun!

  8. Did you buy anything yet? If not, I vote with Shug for a nice pair of carpis topped with a nice shirt. Maybe one of those t-shirts that have embroidery or a little bit of bling on it. And if you've already got an outfit picked out, I'm sure it will look great!

  9. clothes ... chuckle!
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  10. Very cute, aprons are really making a comeback I have noticed.
    Have a great weekend!


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