Friday, December 24, 2010

Home Tour

Tis the eleventh day of Christmas and we will be going on a tour to see some Christmas decor. We will begin with the small wood village. ( one of my garage sale scores.) Now we will move on to the village from last year. This is the daytime view. If you were with me last year you'll notice that it has grown over the year. If you look closely you'll see new residents, snowmen, street lamps, and trees.
Don't you just love the little
trees in front of the tree store?
This is the view at night. If
you look close enough you
can see the lights in the street lamps. The police
station and the Victorian
house "on the top hill"
needed to have lights
ordered for them--which
are not easy to find. But the
good old internet came through
again. Hope you enjoyed this
year's village tour.
A candle on the wedge--it
smells like Cranberries.
The dining table is ready
for Mr. Ken and I to enjoy
our holiday meal together.
On this year's menu:
Sliced brisket
Baked potatoes
Garden Salad
I went for a simple centerpiece
but I wanted it to have whimsy too.
A new plate from my friend
Nancy--it is waiting for
Santa's cookies and
Rudolph's carrots.
A Christmas snowman S and P
shaker--his head comes off,
watch out! Nancy gave me this
Above the snowman is my
shelf with my scales--this
year I just put one ornament
ball on each scale. Simple
but festive.
Another simple arrangement
in the dining room behind the
Have you caught my theme?
SIMPLE--Time got away from
me this year so I went the simple
Even the tree went simple.
If you look REAL close you
can see that it is a Fiber Optic
tree--hard to get a lighted
picture of though.
Looks like Santa's elves are
busy with gifts for the "good
girl" and the onery boy who
live here. :)
Hope everyone is ready for the
"Big Day, " I think we are--
if not, oh well. :)
See you tomorrow!!!!
~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. I love your home tour. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful tour of you wonderful home. Girl, the walk through you little village was just amazing!!! Quite a collection ya have there.

    God bless ya and have an amazin' holiday sweetie!!!

  3. I especially love seeing your village. I didn't put ours up this year and missed it terribly. I put it on our 12 foot mantle but I like your layered look too.

    Have a wonderful vacation from school.


  4. Love those little villages. Some get quite elaborate. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Have a safe and Happy New Year too.


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