Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Entertaining

Today on day four of Christmas
we are getting ready for family
to come in town and then on
Sunday everyone that can,
will descend on our house in
the afternoon for fun, food
and fellowship.
We are having a snack party.
Each family unit is bringing
something to share. Should be
a yummy afternoon.
Are you doing any holiday
~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Hope you all have a fun day together. A snack creative! As all of the last few posts you shared. I like how you share tips and projects that others can do. You are an artistic lady!

  2. We are having two of our favorite couples for Christmas brunch since all of our children will be spending the day with in-laws! I forget about the difficulty of wading upstream for the salmon--not too mention those awkward waders!


  3. A snack party sounds great. Have a wonderful time. Nothing at home -- though I was thinking of brunch on New Year's weekend, though I haven't done anything. Did co-host our work breakfast yesterday. We did breakfast for two hundred people and we had a very nice morning.

  4. You betcha!!! The Ponderosa is a busy place. The family isn't having our Christmas until the first. I don't really care when we have it as long as I can get everybody together.

    God bless and have a super great time sweetie!!


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