Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gift Exchange

Tomorrow is our class (staff)
gift exchange, so on this third
day of Christmas I'll show you
part of their gifts.
I snagged this really cute idea
over at "Brown Paper Packages."
Posted 12-3-10. It is a ADDRESS
BOOK for your purse, bag, tote
or whatever you carry around a
lot. You can use it when you
need an address or number really
I also put a suggestion card in the
front, of items they may want to
include on each card. IE: name,
address, city, state, zip, various
numbers and I also included
birthday and anniversary on
For each book I used:
--Card stock for the covers
--10 lined index cds -- color
or white (I left these blank)
--1 cd for the "suggestion cd"
--hole punch
--binder rings
--scrapbook paper
You could use basically
anything in your stashes
to decorate these. I think that
between my picture and the
description at "Brown Paper"
it is easy to figure out how
these books are put together.
I thought the ones I made came
out cute and they really didn't
take long to make once you get
organized. Enjoy!
If you missed day 1 or 2 see
Tuesday and Wednesday's
~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. What a great (and useful) idea.


  2. You always come up with the best ideas!!! Have a blast today with your gift exchange!!!

    God bless and have a most amazin' weekend!!!


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